Howard County police have charged a 15-year-old male student with bringing a gun into Reservoir High School today

Student charged with bringing gun to Reservoir High School in Fulton

Howard County police have charged a 15-year-old male student with bringing a handgun into Reservoir High School. The gun was discovered by school staff and reported to police.

Howard County police have charged a 15-year-old male student with bringing a gun into Reservoir High School today. According to school staff, the student left the school without permission to get fast food. When he returned around 12:30 p.m., staff followed protocol requiring them to search his bag upon return. When they advised him of the search, he left the school and was spotted by a witness in the area dropping an object in the woods.

A staff member located the object, which was determined to be a loaded handgun, and reported the incident to police. The student returned to the school and is being charged with possession of a handgun on his person and on school property. There have been no reports that the student made any threats or that there were any problems leading up to the incident.

Investigators determined that the handgun was unregistered and had not been reported stolen. They are working to determine how the student obtained the weapon. Police searched his home in Laurel and found no additional evidence or weapons. The investigation is ongoing.


My opinion: This should add a whole new layer to the “SRO’s in schools” debate.

Scott E

Article Update:

Reservoir HS School Safety Incident and Update, Dec. 14, 2021

The following message was issued to the Howard County Public School System community by HCPSS Superintendent Michael Martirano on Dec. 14, 2021:

I know many of you have heard about or read the Howard County Police Department’s (HCPD) press release regarding an incident that occurred at Reservoir High School today, Dec. 14, that led to a student being arrested for bringing a loaded handgun onto school grounds. While the police are continuing their investigation, I am writing to share information with the entire Howard County community and to assure you that our students and staff are safe and not at risk from this threat.

I commend the security assistant, school administration, front office staff, and School Resource Officer at Reservoir High School for their actions today that helped keep students and staff safe. For this we can all be grateful. Details of the incident have been provided by HCPD.

Considering recent school shootings and other events that have impacted schools nationally, including today marking the anniversary of the tragic Sandy Hook incident, I know that many of you are feeling anxious. I want to assure you that HCPSS takes all reports and threats seriously and will continue to work cooperatively with public safety and other agencies to ensure the safety of all of our students and staff. HCPSS will provide additional student support and security assistance at RHS tomorrow to help students and staff who may have questions or require social-emotional support. Staff also are available at every HCPSS school for students who may need additional assistance.

Parents, I’m asking for your help. Over the last several weeks, we have seen an increase in threats of violence on social media as well as incidents of physical violence in our schools. Please talk to your children about the seriousness of threats of violence and have conversations at home about how they may be feeling. If you have weapons in your home, please secure them so that our children do not have access. We have mental health and student well-being supports in our schools and community, and want to provide students every opportunity to receive these supports.

Ensuring our community remains safe is incumbent upon all of us and I’m asking for your partnership and support.


I appreciate this update from the HCPSS Superintendent. I now question where was a similar statement on the threat at Marriotts Ridge High School (or just anything to community about it):

Image shared with Scott E’s Blog from a Blog reader

I question “Ensuring our community remains safe is incumbent upon all of us” while not sharing this threat at this school to the public. Emails are not the only communication tool and the HCPSS should be better at informing the community than they have been in the past.

Update: or this threat at Glenelg recently:

This type of notification should not just be an email to those on an email list for the school but information shared to the community. HCPSS can do better. (Note – the above screenshot of the email was shared to Scott E’s Blog by a Blog reader).

Scott E


  1. That part at the end about shading information about threats publicly really made me think. I went to Thomas Viaduct Middle, and we had 3 threats last school year. These threats affected me and my classmates. We found it hard to focus during the days after a threat. We also had a lockdown because of a gun threat, and that is the only one that went public. (Only one article covered it, and the info is outdated). The girl who made the threat that put my school on lockdown came back in January, and it contributed to a lot of stress. I signed up to get emails from other schools in the county around March (After the threats at my school stopped). And I found out that other schools in the county were getting similar threats. An email from Elkridge Landing said that a student had been shot with a BB gun at school, but didn’t give much other information. There isn’t any article about this. I wouldn’t have known about these threats at these schools if I hadn’t signed up to get emails from them. This is definitely a problem the county has.


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