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2016 Board Of Education Candidate Forums

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There are a great many forums scheduled for the Howard County Board of Education candidates this fall. Here is a listing of what I know right now…

UPDATED – 8/25/16 at 9:10am. I have updated some of the events based on information sent to me. As things change, I will do my best to keep this listing up to date.

Event Date Location Time
Columbia Democratic Club

Candidate Forum

September 14 TBD 7:00 pm
League of Women Voters of Howard County

Candidate Forum

September 28 Banneker Room

George Howard Building

3430 Courthouse Drive

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Southern Howard County Civic Association Candidate Night October 4 North Laurel Community Center

9411 Whiskey Bottom Rd

North Laurel

6:30 pm
PFLAG-Columbia-Howard County BOE Forum October 11
Oakland Mills Community Association Board of Education Candidate’s Forum October 13 The Other Barn, Oakland Mills Community Association in


5851 Robert Oliver Place

7:00 pm
River Hill HS PTSA

Candidate Forum

October 17 River Hill High School

12101 Clarksville Pike

7:00-8:00 pm
Savage Community Association/


October 19 Forest Ridge ES Cafeteria

9550 Gorman Road

6:00 pm- meet/greet

7:00-9:00 pm

As you can see, so far there are nine seven forums scheduled (or tentatively scheduled) for the public to get to know the six candidates running for Board of Education in 2016. There are also other “private/non-public” candidate forums scheduled (I will not be listing those on this chart). To any other candidate or reader of this blog, if there are additional public forums scheduled, please let me know and I will do the best I can to update this list.

Earlier this year, I had put out the idea of a potential Community/Blogger Candidate Forum. I have to admit that with this many forums already scheduled (and I am sure more to be added to this list between now and November), I am not sure adding another one to the mix this election cycle would work. I have not totally dropped the idea, but I am wavering right now. I am planning on having the candidates back on Scott E’s Blog Talk Radio Show later in the fall to answer some additional questions. Hopefully I will be successful getting all of the candidates on-air.

Coffee Facts

I want to send a special thanks to Vicky Cutroneo for sharing this information with me today. She is running for Board of Education on a slate with Christina Delmont-Small. You can learn more about their campaign HERE.


Want more information on all of the candidates? CLICK HERE

Scott E

Follow Up To Dan Bongino Loses His Cool Against Politico Reporter

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As a follow up to the story from yesterday: Dan Bongino Loses His Cool Against Politico Reporter, I saw that Dan Bongino did an interview with The Blaze explaining his side of the story. Here is the text from the article:

Dan Bongino Explains Why He Went on Profanity-Laced Rant Against Politico Reporter

Former Secret Service agent and Republican congressional candidate Dan Bongino explained why he went on a headline-making, profanity-laced rant against a Politico Florida reporter Sunday during an interview with TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch.

“The media sets up a narrative and then they all jump in and protect each other,” Bongino told Loesch Tuesday evening.

As TheBlaze previously reported, The Naples Daily News recently ran a story stating Bongino “is still greatly lacking in financial support” from residents within the Florida district he is running to represent. According to the Daily News article, Bongino lives in Palm City, about 100 miles outside Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

Most of Bongino’s donations have come from east Florida, closer to his place of residence, while only 6 percent of contributions to his campaign have come from the district he is seeking to represent, the Daily News reported.

In a Twitter exchange with Politico’s Marc Caputo, Bongino alleged the story was inaccurate. Caputo asked the candidate to discuss the accusation over a phone call he would record. During the conversation, the Politico journalist struggled to get a direct answer from Bongino on what inaccuracies exist in the Daily News story.

After several headlines amassed about the heated confrontation, Bongino sought to clear the air during a follow-up interview with Loesch. Bongino told TheBlaze TV host that a local Florida reporter posted a “false” tweet claiming his campaign “has only one donor in the district.”

“She tweeted it out because she couldn’t read an FEC report, and she didn’t understand the difference between itemized and unitemized donors,” he told Loesch. “Her narrative that she was trying to paint was that I was unknown in the district and I was gonna lose — it was false.”

He went on to say he was told by Alexandra Glorioso, the Daily News writer behind the story, that the only way they would retract the article is if he provided detailed donor information, a move he denied because “donors don’t want to be identified who are unitemized.”

“Are they asking Bernie Sanders or Marco Rubio or anyone else for sensitive donor information they’re in no way obligated to provide? The answer is no,” Bongino said. “So they tell a false story and then they demand the campaign, if you’re a conservative only, refute the false story by providing…”

After refusing to provide the additional information, the conservative candidate said Caputo stepped in to “be a tough guy.” Bongino said Caputo also tried to push him to reveal donor information during their tense phone exchange.

“You can see from the first moment of the phone call, if you listen to it, … you can hear he’s not interested in the answer. He’s interested in a response, he’s interested in being part of the story — not telling the story,” Bongino told Loesch. “He goads me and, you know, at the end, he got an explosion from me when he questioned why I was in Florida.”

“By the way,” he continued, “I’m in Florida, and I don’t talk about it, I mentioned it yesterday for one of the first times, because my wife has a chronic illness, lupus, which is activated by stress, badly. We had a really horrible episode … right before we moved to Florida. She wanted to be closer to her mother.”

Bongino said he doesn’t often discuss the issue because he’s “not looking for people’s sympathy,” but told Loesch he brought it up because Caputo hit him for just recently moving to Florida.

“Then he wonders why I had to drop a few f-bombs on him at the end,” Bongino said, adding that he wishes he could take the bad language back because he has young daughters. “But I tell you what, I don’t regret taking this guy to the woodshed one bit.”

Here is the video of the actual interview (Worry not, this one is safe for work and acceptable to listen to around children)

I felt is was only fair to publish both sides of this story. I am sure this is not what Dan wants to be talking about during early voting in Florida…hopefully this puts this incident behind him and he can get back on message with potential voters in District 19.

My one comment is on Dan’s statement of “…and then he wonders why I had to drop a few F bombs on him at the end. You know was it bad language, yeah, I have two daughters and I certainly wish I could take the F bomb back but I tell you what, I don’t regret taking this guy to the woodshed one bit.” – OK, it was more than “the” F bomb or a “few” F bombs…is was the MF bomb, a lot of F bombs, the – you are a piece of S*** statements, using terms like Bull S*** and a**hole as part of the conversation with this reporter. Maybe he is all of those things but wow was the language more significant than implied in Dan’s response yesterday. Please take him and other deserving reporters to the woodshed when they deserve it, but please do it in a more professional manor we expect from candidates running for office. Remember that many of us that still follow some of what you do also have daughters (and sons) that are learning about the political process, parties and candidates during these election cycles.

Anyway…this is my last “planned” post on this particular subject. I will keep an eye on the Primary voting at the end of the month.

Scott E

Candidates – U.S. President – August Technology Outreach Scorecard

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into the wild

I have kept an eye on the polling to see if Jill Stein has gained enough support to make the scorecard…she has not yet. Her current RCP average is 3.4%. The cutoff is 5%. Gary Johnson is at 8.9% so he remains on the scorecard with Trump and Clinton. CLICK HERE to view the latest polling numbers.

Now, let us all take a look at the follower numbers of the candidates over the past month…

The candidates: To see the full list of candidates via Politics1: click here

(D) Hillary Clinton:

(R) Donald Trump:

(L) Gary Johnson:

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)


Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

Hillary Clinton 5.643 Million (+1.03 Million) 8.43 Million (+820 K)
Donald Trump 10.428 Million (+716 K) 11.1 Million (+1 Million)
Gary Johnson  1.280 Million (+490 K) 302 K (+67 K)


  • Clinton – added the most new Facebook followers (over 1 million) in the past month. This is the first evaluation that she has gained more new followers than Trump…this could be VERY telling down the line.
  • Trump – added the most new Twitter followers over the past month (1 million new followers) and he continues to hold followers advantages on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Johnson – finally has over 1 million Facebook followers. He added nearly 500K new Facebook followers. His Twitter outreach has not been as successful in gaining new followers.

A significant factor in evaluating online outreach is looking at follower engagement. In August, I am back to focusing my reviews on Facebook engagement. Here are the numbers for the candidates over the past week:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 4.17.08 AM


  • Trump continues to dominate with Facebook engagement with over 3.5 million likes, shares and comments over the past week (over double the engagement of Clinton).
  • Clinton was the most active with 53 updates on Facebook over the past week.
  • Johnson is trailing the two major candidates but his engagement numbers on Facebook over the past week were pretty impressive given his total number of followers. If you break it down, here is engagement vs followers:
    • Trump: 0.34
    • Clinton: 0.29
    • Johnson: 0.57

Online outreach leader for August: TRUMP. Trump has the most followers on Facebook and Twitter. Trump had the highest engagement score over the past week. Trump is still the best overall with online outreach. That being said, Clinton beat him out on adding new Facebook followers and this may start a trend online. The Trump team had better be paying attention to these online analytics. The BIG gains for Johnson has to be hurting the Trump numbers and the Trump team should be mindful of that fact as well.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it can show trends in a campaign cycle and makes a great resource for following all of the candidates.

Scott E

Dan Bongino Loses His Cool Against Politico Reporter

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2012 photo of Dan Bongino

For those that may have missed this…here is the story from the Huffington Post (slightly edited to censor the “bad words”):

GOP Congressional Hopeful Dan Bongino Launches Profanity-Laced Tirade Against Politico Reporter

“I’m going to make you an example. You will regret the day we had this conversation.”

08/23/2016 01:32 am ET

A Republican candidate for Congress in Florida launched a profanity-laced tirade at a Politico reporter during a recorded interview over the weekend.

“You’re a real disgusting piece of s***,” Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who’s in a primary race for a district in southwest Florida, told Politico’s Marc Caputo on Sunday.

The dispute erupted after Bongino objected to a report in the Naples Daily News that claimed most of his campaign donations came from outside the district. He told Caputo it was a “wholly inaccurate story,” and after several minutes of trying to explain why, the two got testy with each other.

Bongino seemed to say that many of the contributors within his district were small donors and didn’t have to be disclosed, although his exact words were difficult to understand as the two repeatedly spoke over each other. Then, Caputo said, “Let me ask the questions ― I’ll handle the questions and you handle the answers.”

That set Bongino off.

You don’t give me orders, you piece of s***, you understand?” he yelled. “You piece of s***.”

They also sparred over Bongino’s two failed campaigns ― running unsuccessfully for both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate ― in Maryland before moving to Florida.

“Marc, I am going to humiliate you from this point,” Bongino promised. “I’m going to make you an example. You will regret the day we had this conversation.”

As he lost his temper, Caputo goaded him, calling Bongino a “professional political candidate who loses.”

“Hey, shut the f*** up,” Bongino yelled back. “Go f*** yourself, you piece of s***.”

Shortly after the tirade, Bongino hopped online and went after Caputo for his use of the word “dude.”

I can be a little salty on Twitter,” Bongino said in a Facebook video. “But I’m not a reporter and I don’t call people ‘dude’ when I want to comment.”

Bongino also said he didn’t see Caputo’s declaration on Twitter that he would record the conversation because he had blocked the reporter.

The Naples Daily News also reported that Bongino recently got into an argument at a campaign event that was so heated the organizers had to intervene.

Bongino’s primary is next week, where he will face off against two other Republicans for the seat currently held by GOP Rep. Curt Clawson, who is not seeking reelection. Robert Neeld is the only Democrat running in a district Ballotpedia calls “safely Republican.”

Here is the YouTube video of the conversation. It is 17 minutes and 10 seconds long. It gets really bad for the final two minutes. (NOTE – This is very NSFW and you should not listen to it around young children).

My daughter (17 years old) and I listened to this interview yesterday. I was cringing a lot through the conversation. This just didn’t sound like the Dan Bongino I knew here in Maryland. It is no secret that I was a big supporter of Dan during his campaigns over the last two election cycles here in Maryland.  I even had the opportunity to get my daughter interested and involved in the campaign. It was a great learning experience for her.

I was pretty disappointed after listening to interview. Now I spent nine years in the US Navy and have heard it all, so the language was not my big issue, just the context of how and when it was used. You are running for office and using that kind of language when speaking to anyone is not smart.

I was not surprised that he did not apologize to the reporter (the reporter was trying to push his buttons and he succeeded in spinning Dan up).  I was hoping to hear him apologize to his followers and supporters for the language used in the conversation. Here is some of the text from his Facebook video:

…And I’ll say this folk, I know a lot of you have kids, I got daughters too right, you know should you be dropping F bombs on the call, nahh. I’ve been doing…I have two daughters and I don’t want them hearing me talking like that but apologize to this guy, he can go pound sand. He’s got zippo shot of that happening, OK. I don’t like using that kind of language, it’s just not right, I mean I have laughers too, again it is not the right thing to say, shouldn’t be dropping F bombs but you should probably tell someone when you are recording them and you shouldn’t imply that is it some kind of private conversation and then disclose it to be some kind of publicity crown…

OK…not as far as I would have hoped for but it was something.

I don’t follow Florida politics and have no clue if Dan is going to win his Primary or not. I still wish Dan and his family the best (even if I am blocked by him on Twitter – apparently I am part of an ever growing list of ex-supporters that have been blocked). Hopefully he makes better choices in the future when speaking to reporters or anyone else. I agree that he should not take any “crap” from reporters, but there are many more professional ways to handle those situations. Everything can be a life lesson and hopefully Dan learned something from this recent engagement.

I have no idea if Dan will ever read this, but if he does I wish him much luck in the upcoming Primary.

Scott E

Candidates – Maryland’s 1st Congressional District – August Technology Outreach Scorecard

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mammals (1)

MD01 still looks pretty safe for a Congressman Andy Harris reelection. The social media numbers are by far in his favor. Let us take a look at the numbers and online outreach links:

The candidates: To see the full list of candidates click here

(D) Joe Werner:

(R) Andy Harris:

(L) Matt Beers:

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)


Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

Joe Werner

168 (+7)


Andy Harris

7,728 (+39)

683 (+2)

Matt Beers

236 (+10)



  • Harris – added the most new followers over the past month on Facebook and remains the only candidate on Twitter. That being said, he has not tweeted since February 16th (disappointing).
  • Werner – added seven new followers over the past month on Facebook.
  • Beers – Added 10 new followers over the past month on Facebook.
  • Other –
    • Neither Werner nor Beers has taken to using Twitter yet. Now might be the time for their teams to get  little more hip to social media outreach.
    • Beers should really get his social media link(s) on his website someday. It can only help.

A significant factor in evaluating online outreach is looking at follower engagement. In August, I am back to focusing my reviews on Facebook engagement. Here are the numbers for the candidates over the past week:

MD01 Facebook August 2016


  • Harris had the best week with Facebook engagement (likes, shares and comments). I wished he was a little more active, but he is cruising to another victory out in eastern Maryland so I am not sure he needs it.
  • Werner was by far the most active over the past week with nine posts (but the engagement score is pretty low).

Online outreach leader for August: HARRIS. This was pretty simple. He has the most followers, on the most social media channels and had the highest Facebook engagement score. A pretty easy win for him over the past month. Will the other candidates step it up between now and the September evaluation? Time will tell…

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it can show trends in a campaign cycle and makes a great resource for following all of the candidates.

Scott E

Titans and Ravens Report – Preseason Week 2

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The Titans and Ravens both played on Saturday this week (I always like it when both teams play on the same day).

How did each team do this week?

Tennessee Titans (1-1)

The Titans took on the Carolina Panthers and the wheels on the bus came off and the Titans lost 26 to 16. The Titans running game that racked up over 280 yards of rushing last week did not look as good this week as they only gained 96 yards. Murray had 20 yards and Henry had 31 yards. The passing game was a little better as Mariota completed 9 of 10 passes for 104 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT (so all of his passes were caught by someone). The defense did not look good at all when Cam Newton was on the field as he lit up the Titans for 162 yards and 1 TD on 12 passes. The trend for the Titans this year might be a good game and then a bad game. Hopefully they can figure this defense out by the start of the regular season or it might be another long season for the Titans.

See the full stats at:

Baltimore Ravens (2-0)

The Ravens won preseason game number two knocking off the Colts 19 to 18. Still no Joe Flacco in this one so Mallett gets the start again. Mallett completed 6 of 8 for 47 yards and 1 TD. The running game was pretty weak with Forsett getting 5 carries for 11 yards. West carried the ball the most getting 9 carries but only racked up 33 yards. No one receiver or Tight End stood out…although it was nice to see Campanaro back in action and get a catch (for 3 yards). Campanaro also had a punt return for 21 yards. Hoping the local Howard County player stays healthy and makes the team again this season. The Defense was a little suspect when Luck was in the game (8 of 8 for 71 yards) but Luck was unable to get a TD and played very limited action, so hard to tell overall.

See the full stats:

It is only preseason so not worth getting to high or to low about any of these games. Wins are always better than losses…but none of this counts for a few more weeks.

The Titans and Ravens both play next week on Saturday evening (August 27th).

Scott E

Candidates – Maryland’s 7th Congressional District – August Technology Outreach Scorecard

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MD07 Candidates

Here is my third look at the online outreach of candidates running in MD07. I still contend that Congressman Cummings will win this race easily in November. I don’t see a path for any of the other candidates…and I have to admit that the online outreach is pretty limited in 2016 for MD07. That being said…here are the numbers:

The candidates: To see the full list of candidates click here

(D) Elijah Cummings:

(R) Corrogan Vaughn:

(I) Andre Odell Kersey:

(L) Scott Soffen:

(G) Myles B. Hoenig:

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Candidate  Facebook Followers Twitter Followers 
Elijah Cummings

9,852 (+115)

1,275 (+57)

Corrogan Vaughn


 637 (-4)
Andre Odell Kersey


62 (+1)

Scott Soffen

3 (+3)


Myles B. Hoenig 155 (+14)

99 (+14)


  • Cummings – Once again lead all candidates in adding new social media followers over the past month. He started off with big leads in this area and continues to grow it throughout this campaign season.
  • Vaughn – Actually lost followers on Twitter. Linking his Twitter account to Facebook is a bad social media practice and he is losing followers because of it. I hope every other candidate takes this as a learning moment of what not to do. One other piece of advice, fix your social media icons on your website. It is very frustrating that those ones at the bottom of your website are not correct.
  • Kersey – Added one new follower on Twitter (in a month). He needs to be more active, use better hashtags, follow additional accounts in the District and the occasional photo might help.
  • Soffen – Finally has some social media to talk about. He has a Facebook campaign page with a whopping three followers. The last post was August 2nd. OK, you have a page, now get some content out there for potential future followers (and voters).
  • Hoenig – Was the clear number two candidate with adding new followers as he added 14 new followers on Facebook and Twitter.

A significant factor in evaluating online outreach is looking at follower engagement. In August, I am back to focusing my reviews on Facebook engagement. Here are the numbers for the candidates over the past week:

MD07 Aug Facebook


  • No surprise that Cummings DOMINATES this category with by far the most engagement (likes, shares and comments).
  • The other candidates are just not focused online yet…maybe it will get better this fall.

Online outreach leader for August: CUMMINGS. This may be the easiest race I evaluate in 2016. I like the fact that Cummings remains active on his social media accounts, and not because he needs to but because he wants to keep his followers informed.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it can show trends in a campaign cycle and makes a great resource for following all of the candidates.

Scott E