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Howard County Council Elects New Officers

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View Press Release Here

Ellicott City, MD (December 5, 2016) – At its legislative session on December 5, 2016, the Howard County Council elected new officers. They are as follows:

County Council
Chairperson Jon Weinstein, District 1
Vice Chairperson Dr. Calvin Ball, District 2

Zoning Board
Chairperson Jen Terrasa, District 3
Vice Chairperson Mary Kay Sigaty, District 4

Board of License Commissioner (Liquor Board)
Chairperson Mary Kay Sigaty, District 4

Vice Chairperson Greg Fox, District 5

Council Chairperson Jon Weinstein also announced the following appointments:

Maryland Association of Counties, Legislative Committee
Dr. Calvin Ball (Jen Terrasa, alternate)

National Association of Counties Liaison
Greg Fox (Jon Weinstein, alternate)

Patuxent River Commission (Council rep; state appointment)
Mary Kay Sigaty


Big congrats to Jon Weinstein. I believe he will be an excellent Chairperson for the County Council.

Scott E

A New Board of Education in Howard County

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Tonight kicks off the day many of us have been looking for to since the election…a new HoCoBOE begins with Kirsten Coombs, Christina Delmont-Small, and Mavis Ellis being sworn in at the board meeting tonight.

The Howard County Board of Education will hold a regularly scheduled meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 5, 2016, in the Boardroom at the Department of Education, 10910 Clarksville Pike in Ellicott City.

Click to watch the December 5, 2016 meeting live at 6:00 p.m.

The expectations are high for the new board members and the board as a whole going forward from today. A significant increase in communication with parents and the public at large, an immediate review of the issues related to the latest audit and improvements around the mold concerns and special education are just some of the issues that this new board will expected to address sooner rather than later. Many have been waiting for the “later” and we all hope it begins tonight.

I wish them all good luck…I may even tune in online for a bit to see how the first meeting goes tonight…and I will be sure to continue to write (good and bad) about what is going on with the BOE in the future.

HCEA BOE Recomendations

Scott E

Online Bullying on the HoCoTimes and Baltimore Sun Website

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I from time to time check out the comments on various online articles on the Baltimore Sun and Howard County Times and I have to say that I am shocked by some of the things I read. I am not shocked because I didn’t already know that people out there can say ignorant things online but more so that those comments are allowed to stay on a “reputable” news site and never seem to get removed. Apparently this news organization will allow anyone to create anonymous accounts and spew out any garbage they want…that to me is odd and should be corrected (in my opinion).

Here is my example of what I am talking about: There is an anonymous user currently named “DontBelieveAThingThisPaperWrites”. This account has changed names in the past so don’t be surprised when you go look them up if it has changed. Here are a few examples of comments coming from this anonymous poster:

Article: School board newcomers begin quest for accountability, prepare for pushback

Comment: @Ret Educator a dissatisfied principal who never rose to your “potential.” I now know who you are GH.

Article: Howard County school officials say student made ‘racially offensive’ social media post

Comment: @DontBelieveAThingThisPaperWrites I meant to write HOMOPHOBE as it applies to Delmont-Small.

Article: Embracing fresh thinking on the school board [Editorial]

Comment: A drunk, a right-winged bigot and an HCEA flunky.

I have seen many people guess at who they think is writing these comments but this person is anonymous and we may never actually know…what we do know is that they hide and make horrible comments on a resource used by many in Howard County for actual news. This is the problem with unmoderated comments – you get this type of online name calling and bullying.

Yesterday was the kickoff to #OneHoward and we live in a county that promotes “Choose Civility” and I would hope our news resources would be onboard by not allowing a platform for this type of hate to go out to the public they serve. The Baltimore Sun blast us with ads on their site and wants us to pay for online content yet they allow this stuff on their site….seriously?

This last election cycle was bad and many things are being blamed on it…but this stuff shows hate happens from the left, right and center and we should reject all forms of online hate and online bullying.

So I ask you today to stand up (or sit down in front of your computer) and reach out to the Baltimore Sun and Howard County Times and ask that they:

  1. Remove this person from their system
  2. Change their policy of unmoderated comments or monitor the comments and remove those that cross a line
  3. Stop charging us for online content access (OK, I know this one is unrelated and unrealistic but thought I would throw it in to the mix – got to have a little fun with these posts).

OK…that is my rant for the morning. Have a great day.

Scott E

Young Democrats of Howard County New Executive Board

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On November 30th, the Young Democrats of Howard County announced their new Executive Board:

President: Corey Andrews
Vice President: Favvad Alee
Secretary: Joseph Price
Women’s Caucus Chair: Katie Via
Political Director: Dhaval Shah
High School Caucus Chair: Josh Kim and Claire Silberman
Minority Caucus: Najee Bailey

I wish the new group much luck in the future. I will also note what a good job Gregory Jennings did as the past President. Corey has some big shoes to fill going forward.

Here are a couple of resources to learn more about Young Democrats of Howard County:




A few recommendations for the new officers:

  • Website could use updating soon
    • The “Find us on Facebook” link does not work
    • There is a picture on the front page that does not work
    • More information on the High School Democrat Clubs in Howard County
  • Start accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat then put the links on the website

Scott E

PARTY: TotallyHoco and Totally Toys (and Tips) for Tots

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Via Eventbrite Event:


Hello Howard County bloggers and social media enthusiasts,

You’ve heard of Toys for Tots, right? But have you heard of Tips for Tots?

Tips for Tots is an annual tradition The Greene Turtle staff have held for a number of years where on one day, the staff donate 100% of their tips to Toys for Tots. Last year, across The Green Turtle restaurants, over $60,000 was raised. The goal this year is $90,000.

Come out on December 6th for our next HoCoBlogs and TotallyHoco party, 5-7 p.m. at The Greene Turtle. We’ll have, as a thank you for your help and social media support in sharing news of the December 7th Tips for Tots event, light fare and a buffet provided by the restaurant. Each attendee will get a free drink ticket, too.

And if you bring an unwrapped toy for a child, you’ll get a second drink ticket to use that night.

Even if you can’t attend, will you kindly take a few minutes right now and retweet this tweet, or write your own to promote the event. #TipsForTots, @TheGreeneTurtle

There may be a few bloggers from nearby communities and cities, so this is a great opportunity for some holiday cheer, mingling and reaching beyond our own county zone.

So, please remember …

  1. Our event is December 6th (food, drink, opportunity to bring an unwrapped toy for a kid)
  2. The Tips for Tots event is December 7th. You can come to that, too, of course. Your help to spread the news locally is much appreciated.
  3. An unwrapped toy will get you a second drink ticket.

See you on the 6th!

Jessie Newburn

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A personal note on social media and individual responsibility:

Regardless of who you voted for in this year’s presidential election, if you are receiving this email or seeing this invitation, I’m going to make a gross generalization and say that you are likely among the social media elite of our country. I believe we all have a choice at this point it ime: to be a part of the “Noise as News” guerrilla warfare or to stand our ground and be a warrior for what we know to be true.

We each and all have responsibility for what we post, share and give attention to. I implore you to think of this not as a moment in time–a duration–but as a fork in the road.

Social media graphic to use in promoting the TIPS FOR TOTS event on December 7th.


These events are always fun and I hope many of the local bloggers and blog readers make it out to The Greene Turtle on the 6th. Be sure to bring a gift and get your extra drink ticket.

Scott E

Black Friday Deals in Howard County

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Just thought I would give readers a heads up on some deals to take advantage of today:

1 – Performance Window Tinting and Auto Detailing (Columbia, MD) – 30% any purchase.


2 – The Massage Boutique (Ellicott City. MD) – Purchase $100 in gift certificates and receive $20 in Boutique Bucks for yourself.


(click on the images to view the websites of those companies)

Scott E


Shop Small In Howard County

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Via Howard County Maryland Economic Development Authority:

What is Small Business Saturday?

Created by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday® is the cornerstone of American Express Shop Small efforts. While Small Business Saturday is highlighted as a special day when we can show our support as a nation for small business owners and our communities, the Shop Small Movement is a year-round campaign to celebrate and support small businesses every day.

Learn more at

Shop Small In Howard County

The Howard County Economic Development Authority would like to encourage residents of Howard County to hit the streets on Saturday, November 26 to support the many small businesses that make our community what it is.

Additionally, we ask that you join us for the Official Grand Re-Opening of Old Ellicott City at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 26! Then stick around support the many small businesses in Historic Ellicott City that have reopened since the July 30 flood and take advantage of some Small Business Saturday Specials!

To see the over 35 open businesses please visit

You can see what small businesses in your community are taking part in Small Business Saturday by using American Expresses map at

Here is a recommendation for you as you are out on Main Street on Saturday – take a break and book a session at The Massage Boutique or get your loved one a gift certificate for a future visit.


Scott E


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