Stock Market Fantasy


You get $5,000. You must pick 5 stocks to spend your $5,000. You can pick any 5 stocks and distribute the money in any way you wish between those stocks. Stock prices are locked at the closing bell on the last day of the previous month.

The person with the highest stock worth at the end of the month is the winner for the month.

The game is reset each month and new stock choices must be made for the following month. You can keep your current selection or choose new stocks each month. You must adjust your shares based on the last stock price in order to spend no more than $5,000.

Think of this like Fan Duel for fantasy football. Pick your team (stocks) based on the values (stock prices) and try and beat the other players

2022 Changes: We will start on the 1st Monday of each month and run through the last day of the month (this will provide time for all players to research and enter their new selections in each month).

Here are the 2022 monthly game dates:

Jan 3 – Jan 31
Feb 7 – Feb 28
Mar 7 – Mar 31
Apr 4 – Apr 29
May 2 – May 31
June 6 – June 30
July 5 – July 29
Aug 1 – Aug 31
Sep 6 – Sep 30
Oct 3 – Oct 31
Nov 7 – Nov 30
Dec 5 – Dec 30


NOTICE: This game is for family and friends to have fun. No real money is used and the only thing you can win is bragging rights over others.