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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Listing of Reporters and Photographers

The following community members have expressed an interest in providing content for Scott E’s Blog

Scott Ewart - Blog Owner

Media passes for reporters and photographers

Staff listing:

(Students and community members that have indicated an interest in coving sporting events for Scott E’s Blog)

Students in the HCPSS:

  • Glenelg HS
    • Emma Schuster - photo above
    • Alyssa Preece - photo above
    • Jordyn Woodling - photo above
  • Marriotts Ridge HS
    • Kyla Erman - photo above
    • Ryan Lippe - photo above
  • Mt. Hebron HS
    • Madeleine Phillips - photo above
    • John Kettering - photo above
    • Lewis Hollander - photo above

Community Members:

  • Brian Taylor (for Mt. Hebron HS) - photo above
  • Bill Holland (for Centennial HS) - photo above
  • Michele Fuhrman (https://michelefuhrman.smugmug.com/) - photo above
  • Carolyn Conron
  • Timothy Phillips (for Mt. Hebron HS) - photo above
  • Jenise Dunn (for Mt. Hebron) - photo above
  • Kate Haber

If you are interested in providing content (articles or photos) for Scott E’s Blog please reach out [email protected] or via the form below:

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