Question 2: “HCPSS Policy 6010 defines the conditions and process by which school attendance area adjustments are to be developed and adopted. Under the policy, the Board is to consider facility utilization, community stability, and the demographic characteristics of student populations when reviewing or developing any school attendance area adjustment plan. How would you go about considering and prioritizing these factors? What changes, if any, would you make to Policy 6010?”

Question Announced: March 16

Candidate Answers: March 20

District 1:

Christina Delmont-Small

Matthew D. Molyett

District 2:

Larry Pretlow

James Cecil

Antonia Barkley Watts

District 3:

Gian P Alfeo

Tom Heffner

Jolene Mosley

District 4:

See The Merriweather Post for candidate answers

District 5:

Saif Rehman

Cindy Vaillancourt

Yun Lu

Gene Ryan

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