Howard County Board of Education Candidate Survey Responses

Corey Andrews put out a survey to all of the candidates for Howard County Board of Education in 2018. Here is what he sent:


Congratulations on filing to run for the Howard County Board of Education! As a former candidate myself, I can speak to the exciting experience that is running for this office.

I manage a network of approximately 3,000 local community members. A link to this group can be found here: Many of these engaged community members, and other individuals on social media, are interested in where you stand on issues important to Howard County. Therefore, it has been decided to provide you with a questionnaire to get us acquainted with you and your goals.

Below are a number of questions. Please take the time to answer them and return them to this email, Your answer will be posted, word-for-word with no corrections for grammar, spelling, etc., on both the Howard County MD Facebook site and HOCO School Interest Facebook site, reaching over 4,500 engaged community members total. (I’d encourage you to join these groups if you participate in Facebook.) You may make your answers as long as you’d like. You may respond in the body of this email or in a separate document. Please respond promptly, as the last day to submit responses will be March 10th, 2018. A lack of response will be noted as well. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

1.      What experiences do you have that qualify you to serve on the Board of Education?

2.      What role does a member of the Howard County Board of Education fill?

3.      Have you ever attended a meeting of the Howard County Board of Education? 

4.      Numerous officials have indicated that the Howard County government will be facing a few difficult years ahead in budgeting and finance. How do you propose the Board of Education address these challenges?

5.      Based on the information available to you, briefly assess Dr. Martirano’s first year in office.

6.      What does “equity” in education mean to you, and how should HCPSS achieve it?

7.      In specifics, how should the Board of Education address school overcrowding? 

8.      Briefly, what are your top three priorities if elected?

Click the name of the candidate to read their answers:

28468116_188689188528589_2374521378817703936_nJen Mallo





Sabina Taj




28157587_201007053817395_3068772708725555200_nMavourene Robinson




Robert Miller




Chris Hilfiger




Anita Pandey





Carleen Pena





Chao Wu





Danny Mackey





Saif Rehman





Vicky Cutroneo





Bob Glascock