Carroll County Online Sales & Telework II Grant Applications To Be Accepted

Yesterday, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners agreed to accept $139,155 from the Maryland Department of Commerce to provide grants to Carroll County businesses with less than 20 employees which need further assistance with implementing online sales or offering employees telework opportunities. Once approved, grants will be provided to reimburse related expenses not already reimbursed through other grants. Carroll County Department of Economic Development will manage the grant process and will begin accepting applications on August 24, 2021.


Priority will be given to applicants who have NOT received a COVID-19 Business Relief Grant or Loan from the Maryland Department of Commerce or the Maryland Department of Labor (this includes Maryland funded programs administered by Carroll County). Priority will also be given to applicants with less than twenty (20) employees (including part-time), excluding the owner.



• Established and operating prior to March 9, 2020

• Located and currently open and operating in Carroll County

• Be a for-profit entity

• Currently registered in good standing with the State of Maryland and Carroll County

• Current on all taxes owed to the State of Maryland and Carroll


• Non-profit organizations

• Faith-based organizations

• Real estate holding companies

• Independent contractors (including realtors, hair stylists, multi-level marketing, etc.)

• National/regional chains and publicly traded companies/franchises


Grants up to $5,000 for expenses incurred after March 2020 up to the date of application that were not previously reimbursed in other federal, state, or county grant programs.

ELIGIBLE FUND USES include the following:

• Information technology upgrades to support online sales framework

• Hardware, software, and subscriptions to facilitate employee telework

INELIGIBLE FUND USES include the following:

• All other uses

The application and all documentation must be submitted online. Applications will be accepted online at beginning August 24th at noon until funds are exhausted.


• Fully completed application

• Completed and signed IRS form W-9

• MD SDAT Certificate of Good Standing

• Recent payroll summary showing number of employees

• Submit copies of paid invoices for reimbursement of eligible expenses (e.g. bill of sale, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.)


Businesses must:

• Enter into a formal Carroll County grant agreement

• Retain grant documentation on spending for a period of five (5) years and agree to a state, county, or federal audit if required

“Carroll County continues to do a great job obtaining and distributing grants related COVID-19 relief and we are pleased to accept additional funds for our small businesses,” said Commissioner Ed Rothstein. “The pandemic has taught us that being competitive online, both from the business and workforce perspectives, is critical to being successful in today’s economy.”

Director of Economic Development Jack Lyburn shared, “We recognize that businesses are continuing to modify and improve sales programs and workplace policies and we appreciate the additional state funding and the support of the Carroll County Commissioners to help Carroll businesses make those necessary business operation improvements.”


Scott E


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