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Chris Hilfiger Survey Response

Corey Andrew Posted this on 3/10/18

Chris Hilfiger‘s responses to the BOE Questionnaire:
1. What experiences do you have that qualify you to serve on the Board of Education?
First, as a parent to two children who are and will be in the Howard County School System I am a direct stakeholder in the Howard County School System. I want the highest quality education for my children while also seeing that the Howard County School System receives the highest value for my tax dollars. Second, in my current career I am responsible to seeing that laws, policies, and procedures are adhered to correctly, fairly, and transparently. I believe that correctness, fairness, and transparency has been lacking in the Howard County Board of Education for some time.
2. What role does a member of the Howard County Board of Education fill?
All Board of Education members are the decision makers for using tax payer dollars given for education.
3. Have you ever attended a meeting of the Howard County Board of Education?
I have not attended a board meeting in person but watch the Howard County Board of Board meetings available by video
4. Numerous officials have indicated that the Howard County government will be facing a few difficult years ahead in budgeting and finance. How do you propose the Board of Education address these challenges?
One of my platform positions that I run on is elimination of waste and inefficiencies in the Howard County Public School System. In the past, this has not been the case as the Board awarded a large contract to Renee Foose and within about one-year of that four-year contract settled with Foose for $1.6 million as part of her resignation. There has also been other waste and inefficiency in awarding of contracts that should have increased public scrutiny.
5. Based on the information available to you, briefly assess Dr. Martirano’s first year in office.
Dr. Martirano proactively engages the parents of Howard County and has launched some innovative programs serving in his interim status as superintendent. I think that he is less than forthcoming in his opinions due to his interim status. I feel that Howard County Public School System should make the superintendent hiring decision immediately following the November general election.
6. What does “equity” in education mean to you, and how should HCPSS achieve it?
Equity in education is allowing all students to have an equal chance at success. This does not mean that all resources are allocated the same. Base resource allocation where resources can have the greatest result.
7. In specifics, how should the Board of Education address school overcrowding?
Overcrowding in our schools must be addressed in the short-term and the long-term. In the short-term current infrastructure must be updated and expanded. In the long-term the Board must work with other county agencies to plan and forecast population increases.
8. Briefly, what are your top three priorities if elected?
My top three priorities are transparency, expanding student IT resources (1:1 computer to student ratio), and eliminating waste in the Howard County Public School System.