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Bob Glascock Survey Response

Corey Andrews posted on Facebook on 3/12/18:

Bob Glascock‘s Response to the BOE Candidate Questionnaire
1. What experiences do you have that qualify you to serve on the Board of Education?
I have 38 years experience as a teacher, central office programs administrator, Director of Curriculum, Assistant Superintendent of the HCPSS, and as an Executive Director at the Maryland State Department of Education.
2. What role does a member of the Howard County Board of Education fill?
The role of each member of the Howard County Board of Education is to:
• Hire the superintendent of the HCPSS.
• Establish annual goals and objectives for the superintendent and evaluate his/her performance.
• Develop and/or revise school system policies and ensure the superintendent effectively implements those policies.
• Oversee the budget development process and approve the school system’s annual budget.
• Represent the parents and families of the students in the school system as well as the community.
• Actively respond to the needs and concerns of the public.
• Approve business and staff contracts, capital expenditures, and school system business.
3. Have you ever attended a meeting of the Howard County Board of Education?
I attended bi-weekly meetings and work sessions of the Howard County Board of Education for eight years.
4. Numerous officials have indicated that the Howard County government will be facing a few difficult years ahead in budgeting and finance. How do you propose the Board of Education address these challenges?
The school system must become financially solvent. The Board of Education members must collaborate with the Howard County Executive and the County Council in the development of long range budget planning. The BOE, superintendent and staff must employ zero-based budget development process to identify efficiencies. The BOE should encourage staff to seek grants for program development and enhancement.
Under my leadership as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology, staff wrote grant proposals that yielded 14 million dollars of additional funding.
The BOE should encourage and recognize staff that propose effective ways to save money without diminishing services.
5. Based on the information available to you, briefly assess Dr. Martirano’s first year in office.
Dr. Martirano’s first year in office as Intern Superintendent has yielded many positive benefits. His effort to restore public trust in the school system is off to a great start. His reorganization has provided avenues for more effective communication between parents/families and the community with school personnel. He has created a vision for a safe and nurturing environment through anti-bullying efforts and the creation of an Office of Safety and Security. Dr. Matirano has diligently collaborated with the County Executive and the Board of Education to address the financial challenges that the school system faces.
6. What does “equity” in education mean to you, and how should HCPSS achieve it?
Equity in education is based upon fairness, inclusion, and access. Students’ personal and social circumstances (race/ethnicity, socio-economic state, language of origin, disabilities etc.) should not be a barrier to student potential and academic success. The school system must ensure that all students have access to curriculum and programs in an inclusive environment.
HCPSS must provide programs and resources for all students and schools and provide additional staff, resources, and programs based on needs such as English language learners and students with disabilities.
7. In specifics, how should the Board of Education address school overcrowding?
Redistricting provides a way to address overcrowding in schools through adequate use of facilities. The BOE could also revise the current open enrollment policy to address overcrowding.
8. Briefly, what are your top three priorities if elected?
• Restore the public confidence in the HCPSS through open and transparent communication and collaborative engagement.
• Ensure that the HCPSS becomes financially solvent.
• Enact or revise policies and procedures that support staff in our schools, especially teachers and administrators.