Interested in promoting your political campaign, business, an upcoming event, a product or mobile app? Maybe Scott E’s blog can help. We offer the following options: (note – options and pricing have been updated).

Option 1: Listing on the sidebar ad area ($100.00) – Political ads will run through November 7th (nearly 2 months)

We will promote your business, political campaign, blog post, mobile app or event on the side bar of Scott E’s Blog. Anyone visiting this site will see your ad and have the ability to click and go directly to your site or post. This is an excellent opportunity for local name recognition. This listing will also be promoted on Scott E’s Blog Facebook page and ScottE Software Development Twitter for the duration of the ad.

(note – the space is limited to 8 ads at any one time on the site)

What happens with the advertising funds? They are used to boost occasional posts on Facebook. This will help with expanding the reach of information from Scott E’s blog to the local area.

Fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch ASAP