Kittleman Calls on Howard County Executive Ball to Reinstate School Resource Officers Immediately

Information via Press Release from Allan Kittleman (former County Executive and candidate for County Executive in 2022) on March 21st:

Allan Kittleman today called on Howard County Executive Calvin Ball to immediately reinstate school resource officers to HCPSS middle schools.

In addition, Kittleman is asking Howard County families to join him in demanding their return through a petition.

On April 21, 2021, County Executive Calvin Ball unilaterally decided to remove school resource officers from HCPSS middle schools, as well as limit their interactions with students in high schools.

“Elected leaders have no greater responsibility than to keep kids safe in schools,” said Kittleman. “I am calling on Howard County families to join me in demanding County Executive Ball reinstate our school resource officers.”

Kittleman said Ball used national politics to justify his decision and ignored the feelings of those in the community. “This was wrong and compromises the safety of our students and teachers,” Kittleman said.

School resource officers help keep kids safe, Kittleman said, pointing to a recent study conducted at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, which showed that from 1985-present, an intervention by a school resource officer decreased the average duration of incidents (without hostages) from 8 minutes to 2 minutes.

School resource officers also serve as mentors and coaches, Kittleman said, proving to be a positive influence on students’ growth and development.

For more information on the petition demanding that County Executive Ball immediately reinstate school resource officers, please visit here.

View the video of the announcement here:

See the original press release here: Kittleman Calls on Howard County Executive Ball to Reinstate SROs in Middle Schools PR


For those looking for background on this issue, check out these articles:

April 2021: Howard County Executive Proposes School Resource Officer Policy Changes:

June 2021: Howard County Board of Education votes for return of School Resource Officers:

Scott E

One comment

  1. Here’s an idea: let the principals and teachers at our world-class schools decide what they need and how to allocate limited funding. Principals know whether their school needs an SRO, a social worker, a counselor, or more teachers. What we don’t need in HoCo are politically driven school culture wars.


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