Maryland Redistricting News: Court case for Congressional maps starts today; case for Legislative maps moves to March 23rd

Today (March 15th) is the start of the trial for the gerrymandered new congressional maps drawn and approved by legislators in Annapolis.

Via Judicial Watch (image above): A Maryland court has set a trial date for Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against the State of Maryland that challenges the state’s 2021 Congressional redistricting plan. READ:

From Fair Maps Maryland posted yesterday:


Originally scheduled for March 22nd...the case concerning the equally gerrymandered new Maryland Legislative Districts was moved to March 23rd:


Maryland Candidate Filing Deadline

Per the Maryland State Board of Elections website this morning: The candidate filing deadline remains March 22nd

Candidate Filing for the 2022 Gubernatorial Election

Prior to scheduling an appointment, please make sure the following steps are completed. On Monday, March 21, 2022, at 5:00 pm more times slots will open for the Candidte Filing Deadline for Tuesday, March 22, 2022

With a trail date of March 23rd for the legislative districts I believe that this filing deadline will be moved to sometime in April. I am keeping a close eye on the website and social media channels for an announcement.

Local Political Events:

It is nearly impossible for me to keep up with every political event in the county…but here are a few upcoming events I am aware of that you might be interested in:

March 15th: Sallie B. Taylor for Delegate Kick-off

Learn more:

Note: I list this event because Scott E’s Blog / Carroll County Observer has been invited to cover the event as part of the “Press”. I am always good with listing events I am invited to attend as part of the local media. There is a good chance I will make it out to this event to take some photos and talk with some attendees.

April 21, 2022: Candidate Forum presented by the Republican Women of Carroll County

Learn more here:

Note: I am scheduled to be the Moderator of this event. I am looking forward to doing one of these forums in person again for the first time in a while.

Event tips from Scott E for candidates running in 2022:

  1. Be sure to create a Facebook event for all of your events. People like me use Facebook to track upcoming events and these online events will help you spread the word about your upcoming events on social media (an important tool for running for office in any jurisdiction).
  2. Invite the media to cover the event at no cost. I am sure there are some that would cover the event and it provides some free press for your event (before and/or after). I know I am always more likely to attend if invited to attend as part of the media.
  3. Consider early start times for some of your campaign events. There are some older people that are not big fans on driving in the dark, there are families with kids that might find it easier to attend your event if it is earlier (especially during the school year when they have to get kids ready for school the next day) – so early start times may be helpful at times to get more people out to your event. Just something to consider.

Upcoming candidate interviews from Scott E’s Blog and Carroll County Observer 

Carroll County

Howard County

See the calendar of upcoming candidate interviews and view all past interviews here:

Scott E

I hope you begin to follow Carroll County Observer on social media for Carroll County News.

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