Interview with Tudy Adler: Candidate for Howard County Board of Education in 2022

On March 12th I had the pleasure to interview Tudy Adler (candidate for Howard County Board of Education in 2022). We talked about a number of topics (Greatest need of the school system, Keeping schools open, School Resource Officers, Parent involvement, Redistricting and School budgets). You can watch that interview here:

You can learn more about Tudy’s campaign here:

I am hoping to get a few more candidates on the calendar before March 23rd. You can keep up to date with upcoming candidate interviews AND watch past candidate interviews here:

Scott E


  1. I listened to this interview with Tudy Adler and would like to share some research that’s very relevant to the SRO debate. In actuality, research does not support the use of SROs in schools for a variety of reasons. As a former Howard County high school teacher, I saw very little student interaction with the SRO and certainly did not see the person forming positive relationships with students in the schools. Also, I suggest you speak with Erica Strauss who has been very active in educating community members both the negative impacts of SROs in the schools.

    There are better ways to improve safety in our schools. Please look into alternative ways on managing students behavior as better tools to improve school safety.

    Click to access ai21-476.pdf

    Please note info on pg.5 about impacts of SROs in schools

    Takeaway from the Annenburg study: “We find that SROs do effectively reduce some forms of violence in schools, but do not prevent school shootings or gun-related incidents. We also find that SROs intensify the use of suspensions, expulsions, police referrals, and arrests of students. These effects are consistently over two times larger for Black students than White students. Finally, we observe that SROs increase chronic absenteeism, particularly for students with disabilities.”


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