Gas Price Tracker for Carroll County and Howard County: March 9th

After two articles yesterday relating to gas prices (Gas prices in Carroll County and Howard County are well over $4 per gallon and Maryland State Senator Simonaire and State Delegate Novotny submit legislation to pause the automatic gas tax over the next two years) I thought it would be a good idea to start a daily tracking system for average gas prices and any gas price related news for my local readers. The data below is from the AAA website:

Average price (regular gas) in Carroll County: Price jumps up more than 2 cents per gallon

  • March 8th: $4.164
  • March 9th: $4.188

Average price (regular gas) in Howard County: Price jumps up more than 3 cents per gallon

  • March 8th: $4.240
  • March 9th:  $4.271

Here is a look at the statewide averages: Price jumps up more than 4 cents per gallon

  • March 8th: $4.192
  • March 9th: $4.233

Note: $4.233 is the highest recorded average price of gas in Maryland

If there is any silver lining with the numbers today it is that Maryland fell below the National average:

  • March 8th:
    • National: 4.173
    • Maryland: 4.192
  • March 9th:
    • National: $4.252
    • Maryland: $4.233

You can view these numbers here on the AAA website:


Here is a recent post from Governor Hogan on social media:

See tweet:

With the Blog scheduled to retire / discontinue operations in two weeks (March 23rd) this looks like my big item to track on my way out of this hobby before I take my break and figure out what is next for me in the future…other than the MANY upcoming local candidate interviews between now and March 22nd:

If you have gas prices you want to share in you area of Carroll County or Howard County…please post those in the comments here on the Blog or on social media (with the date, location, and price).

Scott E

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