Maryland State Senator Simonaire and State Delegate Novotny submit legislation to pause the automatic gas tax over the next two years

Information via press release:

Cost-of-Living Assistance Act of 2022

Helps Marylanders with Rising Gas Prices

The cost of living is skyrocketing, and it is especially painful for Marylanders with the increasing gas prices. Unfortunately, Annapolis politicians helped create this problem with their liberal policy of automatic annual tax increases on gas. These tax increases will siphon close to $100 million out of the pockets of Marylanders over the next two years if no action is taken.

Maryland Republicans are listening to the people and providing real and balanced solutions to provide urgent help for Marylanders. Senator Bryan Simonaire (R – District 31) and Delegate Reid J. Novotny (R – District 9A) submitted SB 737 and HB 1191 to pause the automatic gas tax over the next two years as inflation is hitting a 40 year high. The hearings will be held on March 8th in the House of Delegates and March 10th in the Senate.

With the once in a generation budget surplus, we need to use some of the surplus to save Marylanders a $100 million at the gas pump. This legislation will help every Maryland family get back on their feet after COVID and are struggling with rising prices across the board and is step in the right direction!

Marylanders are hit harder in their pocketbooks than other states due to the rising gasoline prices. Maryland has the farthest average commute of all the states – we travel an average of 51.76 miles round trip per commute. We also have the second highest travel time with 65.8 minutes spent commuting per day or around 286.23 hours a year commuting to work. The average family commute costs went from $3,000 to over $4,000 in the last year alone. These are the highest prices in seven years, and this is unacceptable.

Maryland is one of three states that ties our state gasoline tax to the consumer price index (CPI) directly connected to inflation. As of March 2022, inflation is at a 40 year high in the United States at 7.5%.

Senator Simonaire stated, “We have the power to help Marylanders at the gas pump and we should act immediately. With $4 billion in budget surplus, there is no reason to continue taxing more than is needed.”

Delegate Novotny continued, “Inflation hurts the middle and lower class the most and Annapolis should act now. Gas prices directly contribute to higher cost of family commutes along with the price of goods.”


Here is the press release: 2022 COLA_Rising Gas Prices Legislation

Scott E

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