Current Howard County Board of Education member Chao Wu files to run for Delegate in 2022

On Friday February 18th Dr Chao Wu (current Howard County Board of Education member) filed to run for Delegate in 2022. Currently the filing is in District 13:

Once the new gerrymandered Maryland legislative maps get upheld by the courts (because I have a bad feeling that is what the courts will do) this filing should move to the Delegate District 9A race.

Here is the announcement about the filing on Twitter from Dr. Chao Wu:

Other Democrats currently running for Delegate in District 9A include:

  • Steven M. Bolen
  • Natalie Ziegler

That should make this an interesting Primary.

On the Republican side you have an equally interesting Primary setting up with the current candidates:

  • Current Delegate Trent Kittleman
  • Saif Rehman
  • Jianning Jenny Zeng

There are 2 other Republican filings in 9A (Christopher Eric Bouchat & Scott Jendrek) but I believe they may be moved to District 5 after the new maps are put in place.

Here are my thoughts on the newly drawn District 9A and why it is likely that one or more of those seats may flip BLUE this election cycle:

Howard County Politics: The proposal for District 9 shows that representatives in Annapolis are “Selecting Their Voters” instead of voters selecting their representatives

Scott E

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