Scott E’s Blog will extend limited operations until March 23, 2022

I had a plan to discontinue operations of the Blog soon after the candidate filing deadline of February 22nd. Of course that deadline gets moved in Maryland, so I am pivoting my plan and extending operations of the Blog until March 23, 2022.

Watch the announcement here:

Some highlights:

February 24th – Operations to reduce to the following:

  • Weekly video updates and posts on new candidate filings in Carroll County and Howard County (Friday mornings)
  • Continue publishing articles about new candidates from press releases, statement and photos (for candidates that send me that information)
  • Continue candidate interviews online – Live streamed on Scott E’s Blog or Carroll County Observer social media channels
  • Other limited posts that I think are important enough to share with the community (Redistricting, school masking decisions or other major items for the communities)

On March 23rd I will publish articles listing candidates running in Carroll County and Howard County in 2022 with as much information as I have at that time:

  • Listing of each candidate in races I am tracking
  • Articles from the Blog about the candidates
  • Interviews conducted with candidates

I also plan a final Blog post on March 23rd to close the operational status of the Blog website.

The Blog social media channels (for Scott E’s Blog and Carroll County Observer) will remain active for sharing information from other sources. LEARN MORE

If the courts move the filing deadline again you just know it is a conspiracy to never let me walk totally away and take my much needed break from this stuff…LOL.

Scott E


  1. Scoot, I’m going to miss you and you’re blog. Please hand it to someone or sell it so that it can continue. I can’t rely on the local or national media for my local news!


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