New candidate filings in Howard County this week as of February 11th

Here is my latest update on new candidates Howard County (filed or announced). I also will provide the candidate interview conducted over the past week below in the article.

First…watch the new candidate update here from February 11th:

Here are the new candidate filings mentioned in the video above:

Howard County Executive:

Howard County Council District 3:

  • (R) William H. Campbell
    • No additional information at this time

Maryland State Delegate District 9A:

Also…announced to run in District 9A (but not yet filed at the time of this article):

Watch the candidate interview with Sean McCurdy (Howard County Council in District 1) from February 5th here:

New candidates…send your press releases, statements and photos to Scott E’s Blog:

Scott E

One comment

  1. I’m glad to see someone run against Courtney Watson. Courtney is too liberal for me. (I’m a moderate democrat). I really like Steven as a person. Great guy and also his wife but he is too liberal for me.

    Even with the redrawing (removing moderate republicans from the district), I still feel the district is more moderate (D & R) than liberal.

    The MD democratic party is moving more and more left at the expense of the moderate Dem and moderate Rep. Which ironically, is the majority of the MD voters.


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