Coverage of the rally to end masking in Howard County schools

There was a rally to end masking in Howard County Public School System at the Board of Education meeting on February 10th. I was unable to attend…but a number of major media outlets covered the event. I thought I would share some of that coverage here this morning.

First I wanted to share photos sent to Scott E’s Blog from Delegate Reid Novotny (District 9A):

Here is some of the news coverage or other posts on Twitter I have seen of the event on February 10th:

See the post:

See the post:

Se the post:

See the post:

See the post:

See the post:

See the post:

See the post:

That is a pretty good collection of what I have seen online (at least on Twitter) of the event. As noted in one of the articles:

In December, the state board of education voted for what were called off ramps, which would allow districts to end its mandate if they met certain criteria. One of them was a vaccination rate of 80 percent or higher.

Currently, the vaccination rate in the county is 85 percent.

However, the board has decided to keep the mandate in place until the county has 14 consecutive days of moderate or low transmission rates.

You can watch the BOE meeting from February 10th here where masking was discussed (forward to the 1:06:00 mark of the meeting):

Scott E


  1. 25? 30? people showed up to push wacko narratives: masks do nothing??? child abuse??? Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of HoCo residents are rational and want public health experts to make public health decisions.


  2. CDC says cloth masks don’t work very well but K95 do. Most kids wear cloth masks.
    Why not make masks optional? Afraid(& I don’t mean in a mean spirited way) have your kid wear a K95.
    If we are waiting for Covid to end it may never happen. I think some people in Howard county would be okay will kids wearing masks forever.

    Lastly ever notice how most of the people telling us to wear masks all day have jobs where THEY don’t have to?


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