District 5 Team Stands with Carroll County Board of Education – End Mask Mandate in Our Schools

Posted by State Senator Justin Ready on February 10th:

Thursday – Following the Carroll County Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, February 9th, Senator Justin Ready, Delegate Susan Krebs, Delegate Haven Shoemaker and Delegate April Rose (District 5 — Carroll County) released the following statement:

“We applaud the Carroll County Board of Education and the actions they took last night to remove the unscientific mask mandate on our students, teachers and staff. We will continue to stand with them in fighting for its removal.

The facts are clear, cloth masks do not stop COVID 19 transmission, and for any person who is especially vulnerable, wearing an N95 masks will protect them, the wearer, without forcing children as young as pre-school, who are at statistically no risk for serious COVID cases, to wear a mask.

The State Board of Education action to rescind local authority should never have been taken and, if the State Board could call an emergency meeting in the Fall to impose this unscientific mandate they can certainly call an immediate emergency meeting to rescind it. We have already requested legislation to change the state COMAR regulations and restore the local control that was taken.

The masking of young children, in their most formative years of social, cognitive and language development is particularly egregious. We stand with our board of education on each action they’ve put forward in their resolution. We are calling for immediate action to end the mandatory masking in our schools like states all across America have done including most recently Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Jersey”


Here is the image shared (and used to OCR for the text above):

See the posting online here: https://twitter.com/JustinReady/status/1491800334087319563?s=20&t=ytS1h5JT5XBQaNnv4dek_A

You also now have Governor Hogan requesting that the State Board of Education end the masking mandate in schools:


One has to think that the state wide mask mandate may very well end soon in Maryland and the masking decisions fall on the local jurisdictions.

Scott E

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