Howard County Council passes CB 11-2022 and corrects the error with the Citizens’ Election Fund

After a month of “Mess” relating to the Howard County Citizens’ Election Fund the issue was finally resolved with the Howard County Council passing CB 11-2022 on February 7th.

You can watch the live streamed Emergency Public Hearing and Emergency Legislative Session from February 7th here from Scott E’s Blog:

A few thoughts:

  • I was happy to see this pass by a vote of 5 to 0. To be honest, I think the pressure was so high from residents and organizations globally supporting this issue that it would have been surprising to see this not pass unanimously.
  • Listening to the remarks from some council members you could see the role politics played with this issue all the way through what was said last night.

I will keep an eye out for a statement from the County Executive about signing this legislation as well as statements from the candidates that have qualified for matching funds (Deb Jung and Allan Kittleman).

Scott E

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