Kittleman makes history as Howard County’s first-ever county executive candidate certified for public campaign finance

Announced via Press Release on February 3rd:

Allan Kittleman announced today that his campaign has been officially certified by the Maryland Board of Elections to participate in Howard County’s public campaign finance program, the Citizens’ Election Fund.

The Howard County’s Citizens’ Election Fund seeks to end undue influence in politics by limiting donations from individuals to $250 for the entire election, as well as prohibiting donations from any businesses, PACs, or other special interest groups. To certify in the Citizens’ Election Fund, a county executive candidate had to receive more than 500 donations from Howard County residents totaling more than $40,000.

“I want to thank the people of Howard County who helped us reach this historic milestone,” said Kittleman. “The momentum for our campaign is growing as demonstrated by our strong grassroots support.”

Since mid-October, Kittleman received donations from more than 900 Howard County residents, which will generate a match from the Citizens’ Election Fund of $380,000. Matching funds from the Citizens’ Election Fund for a Howard County Executive race are capped at $700,000, which means that Kittleman’s campaign is eligible to receive another $320,000 from the Citizens’ Election Fund.


A couple of other notes:

1: Scott E’s Blog will be live streaming the Howard County Council Public Hearing on CB11-2022 (the emergency legislation to fix the Citizens’ Election Fund and correct the mistake that will allow the qualified candidates (Allan Kittleman and Deb Jung) to receive the money owed to their campaigns for qualifying for matching funds from the county) on Monday February 7th starting at 6:00pm. Be sure to check out our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) that evening to watch the live stream.

2: Scott E’s Blog will conduct an interview with Allan Kittleman on the morning of February 12th (8:00am). I will have additional details later this evening on the Blog social media channels (so be sure to follow the Blog on social media if you are not already following those channels).

Scott E

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