Tudy Adler files to run for Howard County Board of Education in 2022

Howard County now has two official candidates (and three total candidates) running for Board of Education in 2022. Tudy Adler filed to run on February 2nd:

Here is information about the candidate sent to Scott E’s Blog:

Please meet Tudy Adler, candidate for Howard County Board of Education.

She is a Maryland native, Howard County resident, business owner, wife, and mother of two. Tudy is also worried about the future of Howard County Public Schools. For that reason, Tudy is seeking election to the Howard County BOE.

Below find her background and the 5 pillars of her candidacy.

Tudy was born and raised in Maryland and is a product of public schools, graduating from Northwestern in Prince George’s County. Tudy was taught at a young age about the values of hard work and community involvement. After graduating high school early, she went straight to work in the mortgage loan industry.

Later, Tudy and her husband Steve, founded Adler Big & Tall Men’s Apparel. Tudy helped build the business from the ground up, responsible for Finance, Human Resources and Technology Acquisition.  They grew the company to 23 locations across seven states, before ultimately selling the business. Tudy then transitioned to running her own successful real estate business, including Howard County. During her business career, Tudy volunteered within the County; serving on The Howard County Planning Board, Plan Howard 2030, and the Howard Community College Foundation among others. 

The Alders live in Clarksville and are proud parents of two sons and seven grandchildren. The Adler children attended HCPSS schools, as do some of their grandchildren. 

No one knows better than a realtor that people move into Howard County “for the schools”.  Tudy has been hearing from homebuyers that Howard County is not an absolute choice for their child’s schools. She is concerned the once stellar reputation of HCPSS is not meeting the expectations of the community. She believes now is the time to help.

Supported and encouraged by many, Tudy is looking to bring a business background, common-sense problem-solving, and knowledge of Howard County to help HCPSS re-focus on core education, putting the needs of students front and center. Below are the 5 pillars of her candidacy: 

Tudy loves Howard County. It’s her home, the home of her children, and the home of her grandchildren. She is dedicated to working collaboratively to return HCPSS to the cornerstone of learning we know it can be. Howard County students, and parents, need Tudy Alder on the BOE


See the PDF version sent to Scott E’s Blog: Meet BOE Candidate Tudy Adler

Tudy now joins the following other candidates for Board of Education in 2022:

The filing deadline for candidates in February 22, 2022. I will keep watch for additional candidate filings and report out as I see them online (or announcements are sent to me via email).

Scott E

Article Update: Dan Newberger has now filed to run in 2022: https://elections.maryland.gov/elections/2022/primary_candidates/gen_cand_lists_2022_2_by_county_14.html

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