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Beginning February 1, 2022:

All articles related to Howard County will be posted on Scott E’s Blog social media channels:

All articles related to Carroll County will be posted on Carroll County Observer social media channels:

Many social media posts made on Carroll County Observer will be cross shared to Scott E’s Blog channels during the first week of February.

Articles relating to statewide issues or that cover both jurisdictions will be posted to both sets of social media channels.

Scott E’s Blog social media channels will be updated on January 29th to reflect the upcoming changes.

Plans for social media account in the future

After the planned retirement of the Blog Site on February 24th, I will keep the social media channels open for sharing of information to the communities. I anticipate that much of what I will be sharing will come from other entities. There may be opportunities to continue to provide some occasional original content (like online candidate interviews or opinion posts and videos) across those channels in the future.

I recommend watching the video for additional details.

If you are a fan of the content from the Blog be sure to follow the social media channels above for continued information today and after February 24th.

Scott E


  1. Scott,

    I understand the desire to move purely to social media as managing posts on a blog can be painful. My one regret is that I honestly avoid social media most days, and it would be nice if there were a way to regularly get a set of links or something via email. I think I miss miss content I otherwise would have seen.


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