The latest report from Carroll County Public Schools on January 26th is that 635 students and staff are positive for COVID-19 (per the CCPS COVID-19 dashboard). This is now the second consecutive week the numbers have gone down. Here is the breakdown of the numbers this week:

  • 584 Students 
  • 51 Staff

CCPS is also reporting the “Quarantined Only” number on their dashboard. This week that number is 171. Last that was reported that number was 651. The week before that number was 1,288.

Here is a look at the COVID-19 numbers over the past 14 weeks on the dashboard:

Here is the previous six weeks prior to Oct 30th going back to the beginning of the school year:

I will continue to keep an eye on the future weekly updates.

You can see all of the data on the dashboard here:

Just some additional data for you this morning…here is a look at the number of new COVID-19 cases by day dating back to December 1st for all of Carroll County (as reported by the state of Maryland):

We are seeing a pretty decent reduction of new cases by day. Let’s all hope that continues going forward.

Scott E


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