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Part of running a successful campaign for office is submitting the required campaign finance reports to the State of Maryland. If candidates do not submit these reports they can be subject to fines.

This is the case for current Carroll County Board of Education candidate Katie Speert. The 2022 annual campaign finance reports were due back on January 19th.

A look at the Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System shows no report filed for Katie Speert as of the morning of January 25th.


A look at the filing for the Campaign Committee “Citizens for Katie Speert” shows a “Failure to file” violation and a Violation Amount of $120.00 (so far):

The Noted Penalty for Failure to File on Time

There is a late filing fee for each campaign finance report or affidavit that is not filed on or before the due date. The new late fee is $20 per day for the first 7 days, $35 per day for the next 7 days and $50 per day after 15 days late. The new maximum late fee is $1000. Campaign funds must be used to pay any late fees.

To be honest I thought maybe she had reconsidered a run for this office and had gone dark…but a check of the campaign Facebook page show activity after January 19th. Here are screenshots of posts on January 20th, 21st and even this morning:

To be fair…sometimes candidates turn over social media to campaign workers or volunteers. If interested you can view these posts here:

I will keep watch for the 2022 Annual Report to be filed and update the recent Campaign Finance article (see below).

If you are interested in the finance reports filed for all candidates running for Carroll County Board of Education in 2022…check out this article:

January 2022 Campaign Finance Reports for Carroll County Board of Education Candidates

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