In this article I am providing summary campaign finance information for all candidates running for Carroll County Board of Education. I will provide available information on the seven candidates running to date.

I will start this summary with the two candidates running for reelection in 2022:

Tara Battaglia

Starting Balance: $0.00
Total Receipts: $45.00
Total Expenditures: $0.00
Cash Balance: $45.00


Other items of note: None

See the report here:

Patricia Ann Dorsey

Starting Balance: $531.79
Total Receipts: $310.00
Total Expenditures: $59.40
Cash Balance: $782.39

Other items of note: There is a $900 loan balance from the previous election cycle.

See the report here:

Next I will move on to the challengers in 2022:

Tom Scanlan

Starting Balance: $0.00
Total Receipts: $3,335.00
Total Expenditures: $499.62
Cash Balance: $2,835.28

Other items of note: $192.11 of In-Kind contributions from the candidate.

See the report here:

Amanda Jozkowski

Starting Balance: $0.00
Total Receipts: $4,952.44
Total Expenditures: $2,754.64
Cash Balance: $2,197.80

Other items of note: $1,500 of outstanding loans in the report.

See the report here:

Steve Whisler

Starting Balance: n/a
Total Receipts: n/a
Total Expenditures: n/a
Cash Balance: n/a

Other items of note: Whilser filed a ALCE for this reporting period… “does not intend to receive contributions or make expenditures in the cumulative amount of $1,000 or more”

See the report here:

Katie Speert and James Miller

Neither of these candidates (Katie or James) filed January 2022 Annual Reports as of the morning of January 24th.

Katie Speert filed her finance committee on 11/23/2021. Katie filed to run for office on 11/19/2021.

James Miller filed his finance committee on 1/12/2022. James filed to run for office on 1/12/2022.

Notes: If candidates filed a Statement of Organization after 12/22/2021, the first campaign report is not due until 4/19/2022

There is a late filing fee for each campaign finance report or affidavit that is not filed on or before the due date. The new late fee is $20 per day for the first 7 days, $35 per day for the next 7 days and $50 per day after 15 days late. The new maximum late fee is $1000. Campaign funds must be used to pay any late fees.

If I am reading the information above correctly…Katie may be late with her report (and may be subject to a late fee) while James is not required to file until April.

Here is a summary view of the reports noted above:


It is believed that Kenneth A. Kiler will not seek reelection on the Board in 2022 (see more here – look at District 2).

There is not a lot of money out there yet in the races for the three Board seats. Of the money that has been reported:

  • Scanlan has the most money on hand: $2,83528
  • Jozkowski raised the most money to date: $4,952.44
  • Jozkowski spent the most money to date: $2,754.64

Why do I note loan balances in the information above…I believe that this could be indicative of a candidates ability and willingness to self finance their campaigns. Something to keep in mind.

The election to the Carroll County Board of Education is of particular interest to me and something I plan on watching closely.

Scott E


  1. I wanted to let your readers know that our campaign did announce, on January 8th, that we raised over $1000 in just four days. However, we want to clarify that those funds were commitments … not actual donations.

    On 1/24/22, we modified the January 8th posting on our site to clarify that funds were “commitments.” Our campaign did not formally open a bank account until 1/19/22. We have since received these funds and they will be reported in the next campaign filing report.

    Regret any confusion.




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