Howard County Politics: Updated candidate list for Delegate District 9A on January 24, 2022

I did a quick video update on the candidates running for Delegate in District 9A (currently serving Howard and Carroll Counties…but expected to change to Howard and Montgomery Counties…learn more in the video).

Here are the current candidates:

(R) Trent Kittleman: Filed on January 20th

(R) Saif Rehman: Announced on January 10th…but has not filed as of this post.

(D) Natalie Ziegler: Filed on November 16th

See the full video update here:

Here are some screenshots used in the video:

Candidates that have filed to run in 2022 as of today:

2018 election results:

The expected look of District 9A after redistricting (removing southern Carroll County and adding northern Montgomery County).

Scott E


  1. Hey, Scott. Just wanted to give you a shout-out for all the good work you do covering issues in Howard County. Sorry to learn you are discontinuing your blog.


  2. It is a CLEAR case of gerrymandering done in the back office of the MD democratic party. Hogan went to great lengths to make districts fair (non-political) but the Annapolis power brokers won.

    The MD congressional districts are another CLEAR example of gerrymandering. A number of hotdog districts (long and thin) to neutralize republication voters.

    I’m a democrat but why can’t we be fair to our fellow republication voters who are our neighbors?

    ” We get the government we deserve. “


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