Here is my quick recap leading into the Howard County Council meeting this evening on CB 6-22 to correct the technical error with the Citizens’ Election Fund.


Here is a listing of past articles here on the Blog on this topic:

Coalition Calls on Howard County Executive and Council to Save Fair Elections Program


Howard County is not currently releasing funds from Citizens’ Election Fund to candidates that have qualified

Howard County responds about the issues with the the Citizen’s Election Fund

Citizens’ Election Fund Commission Requests Howard County Reconsider Disbursement Request from the Citizens’ Election Fund

Letter from the Deb Jung campaign to Director of Finance in Howard County on January 13th about the Citizens’ Election Fund

Discussion about Problems with the Howard County Citizens’ Election Fund

Howard County Councilmember for District 4, Deb Jung, Responds to Misinformation from the Howard County Executive’s Office

Here is the link to the COUNTY COUNCIL: Legislative Public Hearing on January 18th at 7:00pm:

I will be sure to have additional updates tomorrow morning.

Scott E


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