Carroll County Snow Accumulation Tracker and Photos on January 16th

I thought a fun activity for the day would be to provide updates on the snow accumulation in Carroll County today (January 16th). I will be checking the weather and stepping outside to take snow measurements and take photos or videos for the readers. If you would like to provide photos…send them to and just let me know the time of the photo and the location (in Carroll County or Howard County) and I will share here in this post or on the Blog social media accounts (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)

Follow Updates Below:

2:30am on the 17th: All of the snow..then sleet…has now turned to rain and starting to melt the some of the snow away.

6:25pm: Latest snow photos from Finksburg. Guessing around 2 inches so far. I will get more precise measurements later this evening:


4:20pm: Latest photos  and video from Finksburg. Not enough to measure just yet…but it is falling pretty well now.

See tweet here:

3:22pm: Snow sticking to the roads, driveway and sidewalks now in Finksburg. Not a lot on the grass just yet.

See tweet here:

2:35pm: Snow falling in Finksburg now.

Nothing sticking yet…but it just started:

Will have more updates throughout the afternoon.

1:53pm: No snow yet in Finksburg. I have seen reports that snow flurries are happening in Germantown, Rockville and Calvert County. Here is a recent tweet if you follow the hashtag MDWx:

So snow is getting closer. I will check again in about an hour.

11:20am: No snow yet in Finksburg. A look at the radar shows that the snow is a ways off. The National Weather Service thinks snow will begin falling in our area around 3:00pm. As a reminder the forecast is “1 to 3 inches of snow expected in Carroll County on January 16th and 17th“.

Scott E


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