It is campaign finance report season for elected officials and candidates running in 2022. There are a number of elected officials and candidates running in Howard County that have already submitted their 2022 Annual Reports (due by January 19th). Reports for Howard County Council in District 1 caught my eye and I thought I would share that information this morning.

I am listing what has been reported for the current Councilmember in District 1 (Liz Walsh) and the two candidates that we know are currently running in District 1 in 2022 (Neveen Kurtom and Sean McCurdy).

Let’s start with the currently elected official in District 1:

(D) Liz Walsh

  • Starting Balance: $494.75
  • Total Receipts: $175.00
  • Total Expenditures: $600.00
  • Cash Balance: $69.75

Other items of note: Loan balance of $2,500.00. Also of note is that we still do not know if Councilmember Walsh will seek reelection in 2022…but I keep on watching for some sort of announcement.

See the report here:

Let’s now look at the two candidates currently running in 2022:

(D) Neveen Kurtom

  • Starting Balance: $0.00
  • Total Receipts: $35,550.43
  • Total Expenditures: $4,069.98
  • Cash Balance: $31,480.45

Other items of note: In-Kind contributions of $5,498.05

See the report here:

(R) Sean McCurdy

  • Starting Balance: $0.00
  • Total Receipts: $27,078.00
  • Total Expenditures: $2,524.14
  • Cash Balance: $24,553.86

Other items of note: Nothing additional to report…except…there is the funniest / oddest listing I think I have ever seen on a contributions section of a report. Check out the 2nd to last entry of that section on page 6 (I am pretty sure the campaign finance person is going to want to correct that in the VERY NEAR future as I feel sure that is not a legit name).

See the report here:

Here is a summary from my tracking spreadsheet:

Here is a look back at the summary I did for January 2018 for County Council candidates running at that time (yes…I have been doing this for a long time):

Looking back at that report in 2018 there were few County Council candidates that raised as much as Kutrom and McCurdy this reporting cycle. Here is a list of candidates that reported more than $20,000 raised in the article above from January 2018:

  • Jon Weinstein (District 1): $35,383.66
  • Deb Jung (District 4): $28,737.00
  • David Yungmann (District 5): $42,477.00

I will soon (probably around January 20th) have a full campaign finance report article for Howard County candidates / elected officials in the following 2022 races: County Executive, County Council (all 5 districts) and Board of Education.

I will also be doing this similar type reporting for local Carroll County races and “some” of the State Senate and Delegate races that involve Carroll and Howard Counties.

Stay tuned folks…some of these reports will be very interesting, informative and eye opening when you see who is donating to the candidates.

Scott E


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