Two seats on the Howard County Board of Education will be available to candidates in 2022. We have heard that one current Board member will not seek reelection in 2022 (Vicky Cutroneo) and the other Board member up for reelection in 2022 (Dr. Chao Wu) has not formally announced his plans to date (although there is a lot of speculation on what he might be doing this election cycle out there today).

The two seats on the ballot in 2022 are the County Wide seats (Reminder: The Board now has 5 District seats and 2 County Wide seats). The 5 Districts seats were elected in 2020 and their terms run until 2024.

It is not totally uncommon for candidates running for Board of Education to file very late in the filing process and candidates have until February 22, 2022 to enter the race.


This is the page I watch (daily) for new candidate filings in Howard County: This is a look at the Board of Education section as of this morning:

There have been some “Candidate Campaign Finance” filings recently that make me think that we may have some candidates soon and I will keep an eye out for filings and announcements.

Just as a comparison…out here in Carroll County there are three seats available in 2022. Two currently elected Board members are seeking reelection this cycle and one is not. There are currently seven candidates that have filed to run for those seat in 2022 to date.

I will continue to watch for updates…but if you have any insights on who will be running (or if you are running) feel free to reach out to the Blog so that I can announce that information to the Blog readers.

Scott E


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