Marsha Herbert files to run for Carroll County Commissioner in District 1

Article update on February 9th:

Posted on social media on February 8th from Marsha Herbert for Carroll County Commissioner:

Original article

Marsha Herbert (currently serving on the Carroll County Board of Education) has filed to run for Commissioner in Carroll County in District 1. Here is the filing information:

Marsha joins two other candidates running in District 1 as of today: Jesse A. Gibson and Joe Vigliotti.

As noted above Marsha Herbert is currently serving on the Carroll County Board of Education and her current elected term does not end until 2024.

This means she can run in this race and not give up her elected Board seat unless she wins the election for County Commissioner (I believe that to be true at this time…any experts out there feel free to weigh in).

One other thing to keep in mind…Carroll County will have new maps for Commissioners in 2022. I entered the address listed for Marsha in the new map and it appears to fall in District 3 now:

So once the new map become official this would Move Marsha to the District 3 race…against Tom Gordon:


Lots of moving parts and I will continue to follow and track changes and new filings.

Scott E

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