Howard County Public School System will be closed on January 7th

Update from HCPSS at 5:58am:

1/7/22 UPDATE – Code Red: HCPSS schools (incl. DEC) & offices are closed today. Evening activities involving HCPSS students/staff are canceled. Community-sponsored programs in HCPSS buildings also canceled.

Howard County Public School System sent this out at 8:44pm on January 6th:

For 1/7/22 – Code Blue: HCPSS schools (incl. DEC) will open 2 hours late. Morning half-day PK/RECC canceled. Offices will open late. Will reevaluate by 7:30 a.m.

Here is a look at the “Status” page of the HCPSS website:

CODE BLUE – Schools Open Two Hours Late

All Howard County public schools, including the Digital Education Center, will open 2 hours late Friday, January 7. All morning sessions of half-day Pre-K and RECC are canceled. Offices will open late. We will reevaluate by 7:30 a.m.

All morning child care programs, sponsored by the Columbia Association and the Department of Recreation & Parks in Howard County public schools, will be delayed 2 hours.

I would recommend watching the HCPSS website ( and Twitter account ( for updates this morning.

If I see any changes I will update this article.

Scott E

Of note this morning: It looks like the school system just gave up on using Facebook as a communication tool back in August of 2021 ( The Facebook page is no longer listed on the HCPSS website. It is just sad that the school system has given up the largest social media platform for communicating with the community.

One comment

  1. I don’t agree that giving up on Facebook is a bad idea. The more communication platforms there are the more resources are needed to update them. And then there is the problem when the different platforms present conflicting information. My advice is to have one platform that works well use that. I don’t care if it’s social media…in fact it’s probably better in the long term if it is not social media because of comments posted and the damage social media is doing to the minds of children.


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