On January 6th Scott E’s Blog had its second interview with the global band INTERCONTINEN7AL, a collection of musicians spanning all 7 continents that was founded in Howard County (Columbia).

Here is a little background about the band:

During 2020, when people worldwide became impacted by the pandemic, 22 musicians using BandLab were able to collaborate virtually to create 12 original songs for charity and prove music can thrive in the COVID era. Since then, we have added several new talented members to record VOLUME II, with proceeds going to IJM.

During the interview on January 6th we talked about the bands recently released second album with members of the band in Maryland (Matt) and the United Kingdom (Andrasta). Scott E’s Blog went international for this Live Broadcast. We also discussed how the proceeds from the second album are going to support the International Justice Mission.


You can see the interview here:

INTERCONTINEN7AL VOLUME II is now available on BandLabSpotifyiTunes and Amazon among other stores! Proceeds from album sales going towards International Justice Mission.

Here is a link to the website for the band:

If you missed the first interview in 2021 with band members, you can see that here:

Scott E


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