The last report before the Winter Break for Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) was that 617 active cases of COVID-19 on December 22nd (at that time, the highest reported this school year). The latest report on January 5th is that 1,197 students and staff are positive for COVID-19 (per the CCPS COVID-19 dashboard). This is now the highest number ever reported on the dashboard. Here is the breakdown of the numbers this week:

  • 1,125 Students (Note: Highest number ever reported on their dashboard this school year)
  • 72 Staff (Note: Highest number ever reported on their dashboard this school year)

CCPS is also reporting the “Quarantined Only” number on their dashboard. This week that number is 772. Last that was reported that number was 1,307 (Dec 22nd). The week before that number was 1,044 (Dec 15th).

Here is a look at the COVID-19 numbers over the past 14 weeks on the dashboard:


It is interesting that the number of “CCPS Positive Totals” has risen so high but the “Quarantine Only” dropped off that sharply since Winter Break. A lot of that may have to due with students not being around each other in the school environment over the Winter Break so quarantining additional students was not necessary.

I will continue to keep an eye on the future weekly updates.


You can see all of the data on the dashboard here:

Scott E


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