Carroll County Commissioner Ed Rothstein Addresses Masks

The following statement is from January 3rd:

Commission Ed Rothstein communicates this message to all county residents:

First and foremost, wishing everyone a very happy, safe and healthy new year.   I look forward to making 2022 a great year with you and all of Carroll County.

I want to take a moment and provide the Carroll County community with some insight and purpose for the Commissioners’ decision made on Thursday regarding the Carroll County Government team and workplace.  To refresh, effective January 1, 2022, unvaccinated Carroll County Government employees will be required to wear an appropriate mask (preferably N95 or KN95) in government facilities. All visitors to county facilities, regardless of vaccination status, must mask while inside.

I can break the decision down into three parts:  Safety – Lead by Example – Readiness.

First is to continue encouraging vaccinations for our workforce and community as it is the best solution to the COVID-19 problem as shared by multiple sources, including medical professionals, our own health department and Carroll Hospital. I believe vaccinations will keep our workforce team safe and that those vaccinated are much more likely to have milder symptoms than those unvaccinated.  Both vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread COVID-19; however, those unvaccinated with more severe symptoms are likely to spread COVID-19 more easily due to those symptoms, if not masked.  As always, everyone, regardless of vaccinated status, may wear a mask and is encouraged to do so in large gatherings or unknown situations.

The second reason for our decision is to set the example for Carroll Countians in taking responsibility and accountability for those things that each can do.  At this point, Carroll County Government does not have the authority to impose mask mandates across Carroll County without a Maryland state of emergency in place that dictates such a mandate. Leading by example may encourage other businesses and community activities to follow suit.

The third reason for the decision is to keep the Carroll County Government readiness level at its highest to perform safety, security, and quality of life activities for all Carroll Countians.

With all of this said, we understand there may be an inconvenience to our workforce.  As always and once again, everyone, regardless of vaccinated status, may wear a mask and are encouraged to do so in large gatherings or unknown situations.

The commissioners’ doors are always open, and we will get through this together.


You can learn more about the decision made on December 30th here:

Carroll County Commissioners decide not to implement a County-Wide Mask Mandate on December 30th

Scott E

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