The following information is from Tara Battaglia-Carroll County Board of Education member posted to social media on January 1st at 1:40pm:

An email that was just sent to all families and staff…

Dear CCPS Community,
Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
As we look forward to the return of students to our schools on January 3, 2022, we recognize the concerns related to recent spikes in CoVID-19 positivity and transmission rates. We remain committed to keeping our students and staff as safe as possible and keeping our schools open for students. The Maryland State Department of Education and health officials agree that much has been learned over the last 22 months regarding CoVID-19 and that schools should be the last to close. We have seen relatively low transmission in our schools and believe with the mitigation strategies in place we can continue to provide as safe an environment as possible for our students and staff.

We will continue to partner with our local health department, monitor and report the metrics in our schools and workplaces, and make adjustments as necessary in response to changing conditions and information. All along, we have had contingency plans in place to temporarily pause in-person instruction for a program, a classroom, or even a school, should conditions warrant those measures. Over the past two school years, there have been times when we’ve had to enact these plans. We recognize the inconvenience these temporary pauses to programs, classrooms, or even a school may cause, but have always done so as a last resort when all other mitigation strategies have been utilized. Through the course of the coming weeks and months we will continue to be prepared to act as necessary. There may be situations that warrant a program, a classroom, or even a school having to pause in-person instruction temporarily, but our goal remains to continue to keep our entire school system open and running for in-person instruction.


As a reminder, we ask everyone to continue to monitor your children’s health and do not send them to school if they are symptomatic. We ask for your continued patience, flexibility, and grace during this time as our valued employees are doing everything they can to keep our schools safe and open during this time. With everyone’s help and support we can meet this latest challenge successfully.


Of note: This information was not shared by CCPS on their social media channels or on the CCPS website as of the time of this article:

As a grandparent of a child in the school system…I want to say thanks to this Board Member for sharing this information with the community. It is good to see this posted online for the community to know what is happening…we all are not on the email list from the school system and sometimes this (online posts) is how we find out important news. That is also why I share posts like these on the Blog to help expand the outreach of these type of notifications.

Scott E


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