Carroll County adds 184 new positive COVID-19 cases on December 30th; Highest number reported to date

Reported by the Maryland Department of Health (via information in their datasets): Carroll County had 184 new COVID-19 cases on December 30th. This represents the highest one day total of new COVID-19 cases to date throughout this pandemic for Carroll County.

Here is a graphic of new COVID-19 cases in Carroll County during the month of December 2021:

Here is a look at the all time top 12 days of new COVID-19 cases reported in Carroll County by the MDH throughout this pandemic:

  • 2021/12/30: 184 new cases
  • 2021/12/24: 165 new cases
  • 2021/12/25: 164 new cases
  • 2021/01/08: 153 new cases
  • 2021/12/29: 145 new cases
  • 2020/12/12: 122 new cases
  • 2021/12/26: 121 new cases
  • 2021/12/28: 102 new cases
  • 2021/01/09: 101 new cases
  • 2020/12/17: 100 new cases
  • 2021/12/27: 99 new cases
  • 2021/12/21: 95 new cases

Note: 10 of the top 12 dates of new COVID-19 cases are from 2021.

Carroll County also set an all time high in “7 Day Moving Average COVID-19 Case Rate per 100K” with 82.95…yet is currently well below the state average (146.69):

I provide additional details about some of the recent and past numbers in this article: A look at reported new COVID-19 cases in Carroll County through December 28th:

Scott E

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