Scott E’s Blog mentioned during Howard County Councilmanic Redistricting Map Public Hearing

The Howard County Council held a meeting on December 20th (Councilmanic Redistricting Map Public Hearing). During that Public Meeting I was mentioned for articles I had written on the Blog on the topic of redistricting. Here are some clips I pulled from that meeting (and some screenshots from the blog articles and clips from one of my videos on the topic):

Articles on this topic include:

October 17th: Howard County Councilmanic Redistricting Commission releases four map proposals for comment and consideration

October 22nd: Howard County Councilmanic Redistricting: Address Lookup and Demographic Data now available

December 20th: Watch the County Council Public Hearing on this topic here:

It is always nice to know that people are reading the articles and watching the videos on the Blog.

Scott E


  1. Your blog is immensely valuable to me personally, including your insight that the first two redistricting maps were created by one party and the second two by the other party. I appreciate information like this that helps me be a much more informed voter, and has prompted me to write in to my elected officials in the past.


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