Howard County Politics: The proposal for District 9 shows that representatives in Annapolis are “Selecting Their Voters” instead of voters selecting their representatives

Note: This is an opinion from Scott E and information article for my readers:

Delegate Jessica Feldmark (District 12) made the following statement in 2018 “It is the job of the voters to elect their representatives, not the job of the elected representatives to select their voters”. I agree with Delegate Feldmark. 

Yet if you look at what is happening with the proposal from the “MD Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission proposed legislative map”…specifically District 9, you have a clear view of representatives choosing their voters.

District 9 as currently drawn (Northern and Western Howard and and some of Southern Carroll County) is apparently not “Blue” enough for those drawing the maps this redistricting cycle and in order to shore it up as a solid “BLUE” district for the next decade, parts of western Howard County and Carroll County have been removed and northern Montgomery County added. See maps below:

Current District 9

Full map here:

Proposed District 9

Full map here:

Here is a look at the breakdown for the proposal.

Seriously how can anyone look at this and not see it as representatives choosing their voters? That is all I see when I look at it. This is not the way this is supposed to work…and yet here in Maryland (and yes, across the country) this is how it works.

I wish I had faith that by writing this and pointing it out that it might change. I wish I had faith that by signing up to testify and pointing this out that this might change. I think what we all saw during the Congressional Redistricting sessions was that the majority of those in Annapolis are not listening to the concerns of citizens and I (right now) fully expect this to go forward as drawn. I hope I am wrong…but If I was going to a “betting facility” in Maryland I would bet on it staying as it is today.

There is a Legislative Redistricting Hearing meeting scheduled for today at 4:00pm today:

I will be watching and listening to see what happens (maybe not live due to other stuff happening for me today…but at some point soon).

Scott E


  1. Under this plan River Hill will be split between 13 and 9A, with some students attending school in 12A. These maps are putting politics ahead of community.


  2. Scott, I watched Monday’s Howard County Council hearing on the county redistricted maps. Your name came up multiple times by residents Who each demanded more transparency in the process. Don’t lose hope! Your reporting and commentary resonate with a lot of us.


    • WOW…that is pretty cool to hear. Thanks for sharing and I will be sure to go listen to that meeting now. Thank you for sharing…and I hope residents keep fighting for what is right when it comes to redistricting at all levels.


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