Howard County districts in the MD Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission proposed legislative map

I broke down the districts for Carroll County earlier…so now I want to look at the Howard County districts in the The Maryland General Assembly Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission proposed legislative map. You can view the full map here:

Here are the districts for Howard County in the proposal:

District 9: District 9 remains split 9A (2 Delegate seats) and 9B (1 Delegate seat). The big change here is removing voters from Carroll County and adding voters from Montgomery County in District 9A:

If you were looking to flip this district from “competitive” to “Solid Blue” for the Senate seat and now have a chance to pick off two Delegate seats flipping them from Red to Blue…the way to do that is remove voters from Carroll and add voters from Montgomery. Look..that is exactly what was done.

District 12: This district is currently all in one covering Howard and Baltimore Counties (mostly Howard). Now this is split into two districts coving Howard (2 Delegate seats) and Anne Arundel (1 Delegate seat).

My gut tells me that this remains a Blue district overall and that the two seats in Howard remain very Blue…but not sure about the Anne Arundel seat. I will stay on the lookout for the data from other sources. This change could shake up the TEAM 12 dynamic a bit at the Delegate level and I will be interested to see how that plays out.

District 13: District 13 remains an all in one district and remains fully in Howard County.

I am not sure how the MANY candidates that have filed or announced fall into the newly drawn lines but I will keep an eye out for announcements from the current long list of Delegate candidates (5 so far) in District 13.

Overall this proposal sets up Howard County to have potentially 8 Delegates in Annapolis and 3 State Senators (currently that number is 9 Delegates and 3 State Senators). Howard County will lose 1 Delegate seat to Anne Arundel County…and no telling what the Montgomery County residents add on to District 9 may do…but Howard County still has the most votes and is likely to be represented from folks from Howard (that is what I am guessing at the moment).

View the county breakdowns here:

My old house in Howard County was District 13. This new plan would not change the district that house falls in with this new plan. If you want to see where you fall in this new plan visit this page and enter your address:

I expect many more people will have more in depth breakdowns of the numbers in the coming days and hopefully we get some statements from elected officials I can share with the community.

Stay tuned.

Scott E

One comment

  1. ” remove voters from Carroll and add voters from Montgomery. Look..that is exactly what was done. ”

    All the elected officials say they want ‘fairness’ in voting. But, this is a clear case of additional gerrymandering by the ‘backroom’ elected officials.
    I am getting tired of ALL of our elected officials conning us.
    “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    We need new people running for office to break the backroom hold on our legislators and legislation.


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