The Maryland General Assembly Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission released their proposed legislative map. You can view the full map here:

Here are the districts for Carroll County in the proposal:

District 5: District 5 remains all in one district for Delegates. The breakdown is mostly Carroll County and a little bit of Frederick County:


District 42: District 42 is broken into 3 parts (42A, 42B and 42C). Carroll County makes up all 42C and a minority in all of 42 (voting for the State Senator in that district):

Note: Current Carroll County Districts are 4, 5 and 9 (9A for Delegate).

Overall this proposal sets up Carroll County to have 4 Delegates in Annapolis and 1 Senator (maybe 2, but that person would need to get a lot of votes from Baltimore County to win).

View the county breakdowns here:

I do not know how this affects currently elected members expected to run in 2022 from District 5…that is something I will keep an eye on.

This proposal moves me from District 5 to District 42C. I am not sure how I feel about that at this time. My gut tells me this will not be wonderful. If you want to see where you fall in this new plan visit this page and enter your address:

I expect many more people will have more in depth breakdowns of the numbers in the coming days and hopefully we get some statements from elected officials I can share with the community.

Stay tuned.

Scott E


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