YouTube TV reaches a deal with Disney to return their content to YouTube TV

Announced via YouTube TV today:

We’re happy to share that we’ve reached a deal with Disney to return their content to YouTube TV while preserving a $64.99/mo. price for our members. We’ve already started to restore access to Disney networks like ESPN and FX, including their live and on-demand content, as well as any recordings that were previously in your Library. We will also be turning on your local ABC stations over the course of the day. Don’t worry, your personal preferences and recommendations will be just as you left them.

As we promised a $15 discount while the Disney content remained off platform, we will still honor a one-time credit for all impacted Base Plan members.

For active members who have not yet received that $15 discount on their monthly bill, you will automatically receive this one-time credit on your next bill with no action needed. Note that your bill in Settings will not reflect this credit until you have been charged. Members who are in a paused state will receive this credit one month after their first charge. Verizon-billed users will automatically receive this as a one-time discount of $15 on their next bill. After that, the monthly price will revert back to $64.99 for new and existing members.

For any of you who were impacted and have initiated the cancellation process, we will still honor the one-time $15 credit on your bill if you resume your membership before you lose access. Visit and click ‘Add’ to return the Base Plan to your membership. Note, you will still see a $64.99 price upon re-activating your membership, but a one-time discount will be reflected in your next bill.

We apologize for the disruption and appreciate your patience as we continued to negotiate on your behalf. We also appreciate Disney’s partnership and willingness to work towards an agreement.

As always, thank you for being a YouTube TV member.

The YouTube TV team


Thank goodness…now I can stop looking for a new TV service provider.

Scott E

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