Carroll County Politics: Tom Gordon files to run for County Commissioner in District 3 in 2022

We have our first candidate filing for Carroll County Commissioner in District 3 in 2022: Tom Gordon. Tom filed to run on December 16th:

Tom ran for this seat in 2018 losing by 57 votes in the Republican Primary to current County Commissioner Dennis Frazier:

Dennis Frazier is term limited and is now seeking a seat in the House of Delegates (Carroll County Commissioner Dennis Frazier files to run for Delegate in District 5 in 2022) making the District 3 seat open.

The Facebook page for Tom’s campaign is up and running: The campaign website is not operational as of this post.

I reached out to Tom EARLY this morning for a statement. If I get something back I will be sure to update this article.

Article Update: Statement from Tom Gordon:

I have filed to run for Carroll County Commissioner in District 3 in the 2022 election. I have stepped forward to offer my experience, service, and ability to serve our county.

Running for office is not something I take lightly or without serious thought. In 2018, I previously ran for Commissioner.

It is that level of commitment that I offer to the community. I believe in not only service to our community as a whole, but helping our neighbors in any way possible. I have been involved in our community from scouting and earning the rank of Eagle Scout in my youth to being involved in organizations including the Boys & Girls Club of Westminster, the Historical Society of Carroll County, and the Carroll County Land Trust.

I strongly believe in the importance of giving back to our community and supporting it. I am here to be a public servant and work for the people. At a time when some have lost faith in the process or those involved I will reach out to work for the betterment of the community and our home.

Carroll County’s success means working together to meet the opportunities and challenges that face us. To succeed we must have a firm foundation in our community and focus on the priorities.

Priority issues include supporting our Emergency Services—encompassing our brave and heroic Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement to protect our community.

I will advocate for small business, Main Street vitality, and for a strong economic future for our county. We must continue to work to support Agriculture, one of the counties top industries while also looking for innovative methods to improve the work started by generations who laid the foundation. This includes support of hydroponic green houses, Agritourism, and related opportunities.

As a lifelong resident of Carroll County, I was offered a quality education in our public school system. It is important that we continue to support our schools and teachers and provide the highest quality of instruction and support to shape and educate our children and subsequent generations to be ready for the future.

In the coming days, we will be launching more details, as well as additional information so you can make an informed decision. Carroll County means everything to me; it is our home. A place where businesses need to thrive, people embrace community, fields of grain filled with opportunities.

Help me make a difference in our community—Together we will shape the future.

Tom Gordon

I will keep an eye out for additional candidates in this and other local Carroll County races. You can track candidates in Carroll County running here:

Scott E

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