Maryland Department of Health Update on Investigation of Network Security Incident

Reported on December 15th:

Investigative and restoration work continues around the clock in response to the recent network security incident.

As part of the active investigation, state cybersecurity experts are engaging with both state and federal law enforcement partners. There continues to be no evidence of any data being compromised.

All COVID testing and vaccination services are online, and COVID surveillance data has been partially restored. The incident command structure is intensely focused on the full restoration and reporting of surveillance data, taking into account all of the steps and protocols involved in the transmission and verification of the data.

Legislative leaders and members of the Board of Public Works have been briefed on the ongoing response, and we will continue to provide updates as the investigation unfolds.


Here is a current look at the Maryland COVID-19 Data Dashboard:

It appears as if most data reported on the dashboard has not been updated since December 3rd or December 4th.

Here are previous updates made via social media:

Here are articles from other entities on this topic:

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