Carroll County Public Schools reports another increase in COVID numbers on December 15th

Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) is reporting 423 active cases of COVID-19 on December 15th. These numbers are updated every Wednesday of each week. Here is the breakdown of the numbers this week:

  • 399 Students (Note: Highest number ever reported on their dashboard this school year)
  • 24 Staff

CCPS is also reporting the “Quarantined” number on their dashboard. This week that number is 1,044. Last week that number was 723. The week before that number was 325.

Here is a look at the COVID-19 numbers over the past 15 weeks on the dashboard:

Not listed on the dashboard: On September 17th CCPS had 803 students in quarantine

The number of “CCPS Positive Totals” has now risen for eight consecutive weeks. The reported “CCPS Positive Totals” reached an all time high this week.

The number of “Quarantined Only” is the highest since early in the school year (September 29, 2021).


You can see all of the data on the dashboard here:

Scott E

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