My COVID booster shot experience in Finksburg on December 14th

I received my COVID-19 Booster shot on December 14th in Carroll County at the Finksburg Pharmacy. The process was quick, easy and mostly painless (it was a shot…so not totally painless).

On Sunday December 12th I decided to make an appointment so I visited: to look for a location close by and that had availability soon. After searching the local places, I went with the Finksburg Pharmacy (obviously located in Finksburg):

I arrived a few minutes before my appointment this morning. They took my information and I was getting my shot within minutes of arriving. The staff was wonderful.

For those curious: I got the Johnson and Johnson original COVID vaccine shot (back in April at the VA Medical Center in Baltimore) and got the Johnson & Johnson booster today.

Photo from April 11, 2021

No adverse symptoms yet (I will monitor throughout the day and update you if I experience anything).

Update 12/15/21: I did get a case of the “chills” yesterday afternoon and evening. Had a hard time staying warm. Still a slight case of the chills this morning and a little sore in my arms, neck and back. Nothing really bad…more annoying than anything.

Per the Maryland Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard: 1,282,265 booster shots have been administered in Maryland to date:

You can now add one more to that count (actually, you can add two more as a good buddy of mine is getting his booster shot at 11:00am today).

If looking to schedule your booster shot be sure to visit:

Scott E

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