Howard County Politics: Pam Lanman Guzzone files a Candidate Committee Registration on December 10th

I had heard a rumor a little while back that Pam Guzzone might be seeking office in 2022. This “Candidate Committee Registration” seems to indicate that an announcement for a run for office may be coming soon. Here is what was filed on December 10th (People for Pam Lanman Guzzone):

Some background on Pam Guzzone via Google searches:

LinkedIn Profile:

Resume on the Howard County Government website: CR158-2020 Guzzone Resume

Board of Directors – The Arc of Howard County: FY22 Officers:

PLG Coaching and Consulting:

Pam Guzzone was divorce from current Maryland State Senator (District 13) Guy Guzzone in 2016 (per Maryland Judiciary Case Search records).

The address submitted in the Candidate Committee Registration falls in the following areas:

  • Howard County: District 3
  • State of Maryland: District 13
  • Maryland Congressional District: District 3

If I were to guess…if a run for office is coming, I would place my bet on Delegate in District 13 to replace Shane Pendergrass. If I am right, the question will be…will she become the next member of TEAM 13 (Senator Guzzone, Delegates Atterbeary and Terrasa) or run independent of that Slate. That is just my guess at the moment. When I see an announcement or a candidate filing I will be sure to update my readers.

Currently this is the list of Democratic candidates running for Delegate in District 13: Vanessa Atterbeary, Jen Terrasa, Becca Niburg, Amy Brooks (learn more here)

Scott E

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