Howard County Delegation: What was said in 2018 vs how they voted in 2021 on the Political Gerrymandered Maryland Congressional Maps

Yesterday the Maryland Senate voted approval of HB0001 (Congressional Districting Plan). The legislation now sends forward the “Political Gerrymandered Congressional Maps” to Governor Hogan for signing (not a shot in heck he will do that). So the Governor is expected to veto it…then it will come back to the legislature to override the veto (they do have the votes to do that) then I expect we will get a court case filed in the near future. Isn’t this a fun process? (yes…that is sarcasm from me here)

Here is a look at the map that provides “…cleaner lines and more compact districts…” – Senator Bill Ferguson 

Here is a link to view the map online:

As a past resident in Howard County (Columbia) for nearly 20 years and now a new resident in southern Carroll County…I am finding it hard to see “compact districts”…I mean just look at districts 3, 4, 5 and 8. Those in no way can be called “compact districts”. – My Opinion

Also the “..this transparent process resulted in a more competitive and fairer map…”. Really? The not super transparent process made sure that the majority party will keep its current 7 seats and now have the ability to pick up the 8th by adding voters from Anne Arundel County to District 1. – My Opinion

I have been documenting what elected officials representing Howard County said in 2018 in order to get elected or reelected in a League of Women Voters of Howard County questionnaire. Here are the statements from that document: Voters_Guide_Gen._2018_lores 

District 9: (Senator Katie Fye Hester and Delegate Courtney Watson voted YES on HB0001 and Delegates Trent Kittleman and Reid Novotny Voted NO on HB0001)

Delegate Novotny was not in the LWV of HoCo questionnaire in 2018 but I thought I would include his statement made on Twitter: He Voted NO on HB0001

Article Update: Statement on Redistricting from Reid Novotny in the League of Women Voters of Maryland: Carroll County 2018 Primary Election Guide (page 41): Carroll_County

District 12: Senator Clarence Lam, Delegates Ebersole, Feldmark and Hill all voted YES on HB0001

District 13: Senator Guy Guzzone and Delegates Atterbeary, Pendergrass and Terrasa all voted YES on HB0001

Senator Guy Guzzone did not have a response in the LWV of HoCo questionnaire in 2018: “No response received by deadline.”


I see a lot of talk about independent commissions or an independent body and taking politics out of the process…yet a very political body drawing the map and a political map is exactly what many noted above voted for this year. Here is a look at the votes taken by the Delegates and Senators on HB0001:

This is very disappointing to look back and see the responses to a questionnaire and then see what many of these elected officials voted for in 2021. This is a decade long decision that is just wrong in so many ways. The biggest disappointment being…I feel a bit mislead by elected officials looking for money and votes and then not living up to the promises made back in 2018 on the  redistricting process.

You will hear a lot about how Texas or North Carolina or other states are doing it wrong (redistricting) and that is why Maryland should move forward with what has been voted on at this point. Every time I hear that argument I just keep hearing my Dad say to me…”If Jimmy jumps off a bridge should you?…If Sally cheats on a test should you?”. If it is wrong it is just wrong…and make no mistake…in my opinion this redistricting process is just wrong.

Scott E

Article Update: By request…Here is a look at the map created by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission that was rejected by Maryland Legislators in Annapolis:


  1. Have you noticed how our elected officials ‘say one thing’ and ‘do the opposite’ ???
    We should keep electing new candidates til we find ones that will be honest and not lie to their constitutes.


  2. Scott, thank you for your major efforts to help keep local citizens informed! This is a big time commitment on your part and personally, this is immensely helpful! Would it be possible to post the map that the non partisan redistricting committee (I forget the long name) created side by side with the one that was just voted on by the gerrymanderers?


    • Tonya, Thanks for the kind words. I have added the map from the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission and a link for more information about it to the end of the article.

      Scott E


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